floral & horsie nessie tops

floral & horsie nessie tops

so here are a few more of the tops I mentioned in my last post!

I love to make a few simple long sleeved Nessie tops when it gets chilly (chilly for california that is….ha), and so I cut into this lovely floral knit from Girl Charlee…again for Miss C!

She loved doing a photo shoot all by herself. and…getting all the chocolate to herself didn’t hurt I’m sure.

floral & horsie nessie tops

I’m loving the vintage vibe of this knit, and it’s a really great weight! I actually went back and bought 2 more yards because I loved it so much. (aaaand apparently I bought them out since it’s all gone now. darn!)

I’m thinking…..leggings maybe?

floral & horsie nessie tops

sassy pants!

floral & horsie nessie tops

I’ve made a top out of this fabric for myself actually but decided to gift it to my sis (when I remember to take it over to her), who actually RIDES horses and teaches riding lessons.

She’s probably more qualified to wear this print anyhow, har har.

Charlotte loves to go down to the ranch with her and see the horses, and I had just enough left of this fabric, so I made her a matching Nessie.

floral & horsie nessie tops

I love the little aqua pop at the neck! I made the basic Nessie in a size 4T for both of these tops which fit Miss C really well!

floral & horsie nessie tops

spinny times!

floral & horsie nessie tops


  1. Oh, love the horsy one! My 7yo would love it… Do you know where it’s from?

  2. Soooo cute Jess! I don’t think I even have the Nessie pattern which is a crime, as soon as I finish moving into my new craft room and finish negotiating the hostage situation my hubby’s printer has going on with the patterns I’ve tried printing lately, I neeeeed it! I just love the fit!

  3. Love those dimples! I actually have some of the floral that I got in a bargain lot… it’s much cuter made into a garment like this! I like the horse version even more. =)

  4. Lovin’ all these Nessies you’re making lately, girl! Adorable. Way to burn through that knit stash of yours. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. These are adorable!! I don’t know which I like more, the horse print or Charlotte’s dimples!

  6. Love the fabric choices. ๐Ÿ™‚ I made my first Nessie top yesterday! It was the first time I’ve ever sewn with knit and your pattern made it so easy for this newbie sewer. Just need to figure out why the thread kept breaking with the double needle. I will be making more for sure to stock up the girls closets!

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