Poor baby…Happy birthday!

Today it POURED. I had to go to the post office, so that was interesting not getting her wet on the way in and out. People were giving me the LOOK, the you’re-a-bad-parent-cause-you-took-your-baby-out-in-the-rain look. Whatever! She was dryer than me, and happy as can be. We had a playdate today with Rayne, Payton, and Gage. Of course the mommies too! It was nice to chat and have some fun even with the gloomy weather. Sadie was pretty good the first part of the day…should’ve know. Poor thing is quite, ahem…backed up. We’ve been juicing her up and feeding her lots of fruits, but poor baby was screaming for part of the evening. So sad! We’re doing all we can, believe me, so hopefully this too shall pass. (har har)

inhaling her juice

After poor bebe passed out for the night, we had the whole family over for birthday cake. My Dad’s birthday is on Wednesday actually, but you know how it is! Janae and I baked a two layer cake (when I say Janae and I, I really mean me, and Janae helped with the taste testing and baby watching. Not that I don’t appreciate that. hehe), with vanilla and devil’s food cake swirled together, and then some homemade chocolate buttercream frosting, which seemed to be a big hit! Jarom even went back for seconds, and he’s been worried about his girlish figure lately. lol.

Janae DID decorate the sides with a representation of the whole family, even Sadie!

All the available Lance kids! Yes, even Rory, he has earned that title now! Missing Justin, and Stephanie will soon join the crazy clan of Lances. Looking forward to that!

Happy Birthday Daddy!


  1. Your cake looks yummy! Today was fun and I am so glad that you guys don’t mind me crashing your playdates. It makes me happy!

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