Party time!

Last night was Julia’s birthday get together, so I wanted to help with her cake and have my Mom teach me some cake tips. It was super fun, and we all ate a lot of frosting along the way.

Birthday girl, baby, and shirt #1

Oooh ahhh. Yeah I know it’s just a cake, but the frosting is good at least!

Some rudimentary dots, words, and birdie

Top o’ the cake….Joshie did the feet!

Janae enjoying the chocolate frosting…..yum

Blowing out the candles! The cake had a flower and butterfly too, but I didn’t get a pic of that. The baby was too busy pooing her diaper (and onesie) out.

This is for you Steph!…yeah, Jarom sat on a plate of cake and icing….can you see the fork outline? hehehehahahahahahaa

It does indeed….can you see that half her onesie #2 is transparent? She was drooling majorly…hope she’s not teething early!

We caught her on camera laughing! She did it for the first time when we went to Disneyland, and we’ve been trying to get her to do it on camera since then. She does it in the beginning and near the end, and in the middle she squeals like a little monkey and gurgles a lot. But stick with it, it’s way cute!


  1. Soooo cute! I love baby laughs! And her monkey squeal is SO cute, too!

    Great job on the cake! Love the little birdie!

  2. The cake is to die for! so is the baby! O my gosh she is so cute! I watched the laughing video 3 times then made Jeff watch it because it is SO precious!

  3. That gurgle/squeal is hilarious! I love her cute little voice. Yeah for laughing!! And MAN that is a lot of drool! hehe.

  4. Ahhhh, her little voice is so cute. It made me smile. Amelia started to imitate Sadie during the video. She is an early laugher (compared to Amelia). Isn’t her laugh just the best? Makes your whole world brighter. BTW: this is Jenni and NOT Justin

  5. Ha hahaha SO fun!!! Thanks for the special picture too…he’s so funny!!!! I LOVE the fork!! haha

  6. Ahhhh! How AWESOME! :) I need to come see your bebe. Do you know she’s my desktop background? Yep, all my friends see Sadie when they come over, and admire her cuteness!

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