Happy Turkey Day

Our Thanksgiving was pretty low key this year…and pretty silly. It all started out innocently enough…

Watching Aunt NaNa make an apple pie…then a fight broke out over the crust.

Then the lovebirds started frolicking…

It even spread to us!
Luckily my chocolate pie escaped the silliness.

It all ended with Janae spraying a whipped cream moustache and goatee on Jarom.

We are so proud.

Of course, Sadie had to show her silliness with a crazy cool moon walk. yeah. I said moonwalk.

I am thankful for: (in no particular order)

my silly family
Sadie (she is the joy of my life!)
my wonderful hubby
his job
My awesome house and all the people that helped with it this summer
blogs and technology
chocolate covered raisins
the gospel and Jesus Christ
rain (but also Cali’s awesome weather!)
the bounty of food available to us
our freedoms
sewing and crafting
Sadie’s binky
cameras and cell phones
and many other things….

Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. what a fun day for you and your family! Happy Thanksgiving from SC;)

  2. Looks like a fun day!!

  3. That chocolate pie looks so good!!

  4. Sadie never fails to cheer me up. :) I love the Christian family and Lance family!!!

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