mustard polka dot knit dress

     I made this dress....oh, over a month ago. Took pics, even edited them, but in all the hullabaloo of whatever is is that I was doing at the time (I have the worst memory), I forgot to post about it. Bad Blogger! tsk tsk. Anyways, it's just a simple knit dress that I whipped up* and since I am such a bad blogger, didn't take pics for a … [Read more...]

weekend getaway blouse

I was beyond excited when I got an email from Liesl (yes THE Liesl of Oliver and S fame), last week asking if I wanted to sew up one of their newest women's patterns. Of course I did! I chose to sew up the Weekend Getaway blouse, which I am sorta in love with. I used some rayon (which I can't remember where I got-that just goes to … [Read more...]