sweet shoppe birthday party

Sometimes I let my party posts go for months and months, and sometimes I can't wait to post them! Jack's is ready to be blogged, so I thought I had better blog Ava's from last year. HAHA. The reason I wasn't chomping at the bit to blog it is because we had to have it inside and the pictures are not the best. I know, picture snob alert! But I did … [Read more...]

sadie’s floral baptism luncheon

Sadie turned eight last year and was baptized into our church! I had a great time planning her baptism luncheon that we hosted at our home, lucky girl she basically got 2 birthday parties! We decided on a coral ombre theme with touches of gold, kraft paper, and floral! see her baptism dress here! I used some of the new Rifle Paper Co by Cotton … [Read more...]

Sadie’s My Neighbor Totoro birthday party

  If you've never seen the adorable movie, My Neighbor Totoro, do yourself a favor and watch it! It's been a family favorite for years, and the girls love watching it at my grandma's house-it's a special treat for them! Sadie chose it for her birthday theme this year and I was SUPER excited to dive into planning and crafting! (affiliate … [Read more...]

kitty cat birthday party!

Charlotte has a thing for cats. She loooves our cat Luna (too much sometimes), and has quite the collection of kitty shirts, leggings, pillow, shoes, etc!  So she's had the theme picked out for her 6th birthday party since pretty much her 5th birthday. lol! We chose a pink, mint, black&white, and gold color scheme and started planning! It … [Read more...]

Ava’s Kraken party

It's been way too long since we actually had this party for our little kraken, and I figured since Charlotte's birthday is this week, I'd better post it now! (or forever hold my peace...or somethin) Some of you might know the story of Ava's nickname "The Kraken" because you've seen her in action-she's a force to be reckoned with, has been ever … [Read more...]

favorite things party

I've always wanted to host a Favorite Things party, and decided this was the year! I threw it in there with all the other holidays shindigs and Nutcracker performances, just to make my holidays a bit crazier, lol. It was worth it, I think! We all had a blast hanging out with each other and went home with some AWESOME new favorite things! I … [Read more...]

tips for making a millenium falcon cake

I thought this cake deserved a post of it's own. amiright? Plus I have some tips on what to do/what not to do and thought I'd share them for any future millenium falcon cake enthusiasts. So. I decided on making a Millenium Falcon cake because hello?! it's the best spaceship ever. Also Han Solo is my fave character so I had to do his ship justice. … [Read more...]

girly star wars party

This party was a year in the making...my girls usually like to pick their birthday party themes a year ahead of time..I don't mind because it gives me lots of time to plan! I threw out a few ideas last year and Sadie chose Star Wars! Needless to say, I was psyched! I have since been collecting party items and planning my attack. ;) Let's start … [Read more...]

unicorn horn tutorial and free template

You've seen those fun unicorn horns I made for Charlotte's unicorn/rainbow bash, right? Well here is the template and tutorial I promised! These were simple to make and I just chilled out in front of a TV show while gluing and cutting. Sadly that's my idea of a good time. ;) No, really. for these horns you'll need: glitter scrapbook paper … [Read more...]

unicorn and rainbow birthday party

Charlotte is all about the sparkle right now, so a unicorn & rainbow party was right up her alley! I always obsess over designing invites, it's the OCD in me...but I was pretty happy with the way this one turned out from the get-go. :D Also lots of affiliate links in this post :) I went all out with the rainbow theme and created the … [Read more...]