sweet shoppe birthday party


Sometimes I let my party posts go for months and months, and sometimes I can’t wait to post them! Jack’s is ready to be blogged, so I thought I had better blog Ava’s from last year. HAHA. The reason I wasn’t chomping at the bit to blog it is because we had to have it inside and the pictures are not the best. I know, picture snob alert! But I did the best I could do, and here is Ava’s Sweet Shoppe party! When we talked about the theme for her fourth birthday party, she was super fixated on a candy party. I kinda tried to talk her out of it, but she was SO STUBBORN about it. (I dunno where she gets it? 😉 So, a candy party it was!


We picked bright fun colors and I worked up this invite!

candy shoppe birthday party

I wanted it to look so sweet it would hurt your teeth, so we had sweet pastels, golds, and white as the color scheme. I wrapped up honeycomb balls and paper lanterns in cellophane to look like candy, and hung them from the ceiling!

candy shoppe birthday party

I made the sign in illustrator and then printed it out, tiled, just on regular printer paper. You could kinda tell up close, but oh well!

I basically just bought a ton of candy on Amazon for the treats, lol. Candy bracelets, lollipops, sugar crystal sticks, lemon puffs, watermelon gummi rings…yum!

candy shoppe birthday party

I made her shirt with my silhouette and iron on vinyl the week before-it just made me crack up! She’s always here for the candy, and she LOOOVED her party. It made her so happy.

candy shoppe birthday party

I wrapped some TP rolls in cardstock and cellophane to look like candy and decorated the front of the dessert table with them!

candy shoppe birthday party

I did make cookies and a cake! I love how the cookies turned out! Super simple too! My favorites are the candy dots! AHH! I also made some lollipops and had fun swirling the icing colors together!

candy shoppe birthday party

I had TOO much fun with the cake. It was a two tiered chocolate cake with vanilla frosting, and covered in homemade marshmallow fondant. Then I went crazy with the fondant candy! I  made lollipops, hard candies, candy sticks, tootsie pops, etc! I love how it’s a little over the top, covered in all that candy! I definitely used my fair share of powdered sugar for this party. makes my teeth hurt just thinking about it.

candy shoppe birthday party

candy shoppe birthday party

As a favor, we handed out candy colored toothbrushes as an olive branch to the parents. 😀


  1. I am blown away by your creations. Those cookies are so sweet, and the cake, well, let’s just say you did an amazing job. I thought the entire theme was beautiful. There are sure to be some wonderful memories from that day! Good job!! I love handmade everything.

  2. That is so cute! I love the lollipops on the sides of the table… are those made from paper plates and dowels? And that cake is really fun! Plus the colors are perfection.

  3. So cute. I love the cake, I love the colours. I like handmade.

  4. Kathleen says

    Oh, my gosh, those paper plate lollies are so cute.

  5. prairieprincess says

    Amazing Sweet Shoppe Party! So cute! I am wondering about the white ruffle backdrop. Was this something you made or purchased?

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