KCWC: floral go to leggings and gold dot pippa peplum

First day of Kids Clothes Week! (for me, at least...) Yes, so.....sewing? Let's talk 'bout that. Cause it's fun. I am straight up addicted to the GO TO Leggings pattern (affiliate link). It takes me roughly 1/2 hour now to make a pair. Shazam! that's fast. I got this obnoxiously awesome (it's ok if you don't like it, but I DO) granny knit … [Read more...]

KCWC: a batch of Go To leggings

I had prepped for KCWC by cutting out a bunch of Go To Leggings (affiliate link) for Ava while Kristin was here last weekend...and then later spent an afternoon sewing them up, and then fighting the urge to cut out and sew more. (darn halloween costumes needing to be sewn and all). I have to applaud Andrea again (and again...)for this amazing … [Read more...]