Barbie® dress tutorial

Kicking off Barbie® clothes week…can I have a drum roll please?

ok, just kidding. quit banging on your desk. Yes, you!

here’s a simple tutorial for a cute Barbie dress!

Click below for more!

You’ll need:
fabric: 1 piece 6 ” by 2.5″ for the bodice, and 1 piece 5″ by 12″ for the skirt
ribbon: 2 pieces-2.5″ long for straps if you want them
sew-on velcro: 4 inches long, and a little over 1/4″ wide (i cut 3/4 inch velcro in half)
sewing stuff: thread, iron, scissors, sewing machine….yada yada
First, serge or zig zag all edges of your fabric… and with your iron press the two short sides, and one long side of each fabric piece in 1/4 inch.
sew about 1/8 inch seam around those three sides.
take your bodice piece, and wrap it around your Barbie® (thanks for modeling for us, Cinderella!)
Pin the back together so it’s snug, and then pin the front like so for the darts.
Sew along the pins for the darts…back stitch a few stitches start and finish so they don’t come out! (make sure to use matching thread!)
Try it on and make sure the darts fit!
Sew a basting stitch (longest straight stitch on your machine) along the top of your skirt piece, and pull the top thread to gather.
fit it to your bodice piece and pin the heck out of it.
(the other side) Now sew those pieces together with about 1/2 inch seam. finish that seam-serge or zig zag stitch.
turn over to the right side, press with your iron, and then sew a top stitch (1/8″ from the edge) right along your seam.
Then sew on your velcro pieces!
tada! Doesn’t Cinderella look so fashionably retro?
love it.
If you’d like straps…sew on your ribbon straps like so…I just placed mine for the picture, I ended up liking the strapless, even though it’s a bit scandalous! I will probably sew on some cap sleeves so she can be modest..(tutorial for that tomorrow)..that’s the great thing about this-it’s so easily customizable!

Here’s a version with a ribbon belt and matching straps. ca-ute!

You could also make the skirt longer for a ball gown, shorter for a sundress, add straps, a belt/sash, lace on the bottom, a tiny applique-the possibilities are endless! It’s great way to use up that scrap stash!
As usual, let me know if you have any questions!


  1. Ohhh Noooo! I can feel the addiction taking hold and I haven’t even started yet! Ahhhhhhh! With a three year old daughter and three year old neice and about a million barbies between the two of them, I’m going to be making clothes untill the end of time. LOVE IT!!!!! I’m even thinking some cute cloth scrapbook emblishments would be awesome with this project.

    And on a side note, I am going to dig out all of the barbie furniture my grandmother made for me out of plastic canvas and yarn, and see if I can get some new ideas to update them a bit! Jess you always give me awesome inspiration! Thank you!

    • Would you post pictures of the doll furniture? I would love to see how these were made. Thank you.

      I love the dress and hope to make some for my granddaughters and great-granddaughter. Thank you so much for sharing.

  2. I love the barbie clothes!! Kadie just got a Aurora barbie for her birthday yesterday, and she has a naked Snow White AND a naked Cinderella. I’m sure Aurora will be joining them soon in nudity. I now want to make them clothes!! So I’ll add this onto my huge list of “TO-DO”s! ;D

  3. How fun to read your post. I absolutely adored barbies as a child and my grandma would make my barbies all these great clothes. I still have them and they are such treasures. My favorite was a pale pink sequin evening gown…thanks for bringing back some sweet memories…

  4. Dude, you should totally do an Etsy shop. You would make a killing! Barbie clothes and felt food… I can see it now!

  5. Those are absolutely adorable and you make it seem so easy! Too bad I am sewing machine challenged:-) LOL!

  6. seriously, this is just cute! I havent’ let barbies sneak into our house yet, but I’m sure it’s just a matter of time…

  7. Seriously? Why don’t you design clothes? These are so cute. You are so talented as always.

  8. Love this timeless little Barbie dress (both versions). And I’m totally with you on secretly liking the strapless version even though it taps at the guilt-o-meter for “teaching our daughters to be immodest.” Haha. 🙂

    • @katie, as long as the neck line isn’t showing any cleavage then strapless isn’t immodest! I’m with you guys, I think the strapless version of the polka dot one is far cuter. The way I would do the same one with straps is to do the straps and add the strap ribbon as trim around the bottom of the dress.

  9. So there’s a few reasons this is perfect for me. Daughter soon to be 3 (refers to everything pink or princess like as barbie), have a hoarding disease where I cannot throw away fabric scraps (am finding out this is pretty normal among sewers, thankfully), and I always like to try something new. Thanks! Posted a link on my blog for your fun barbie link at Ellen (loving the strapless too!)

  10. I am so, SO excited about Barbie week! When I was little my gramma made all my Barbie clothes and I loved it! Thanks so much for this, I’ll be linking.

  11. This is the Cutest. Thing. Ever. This post brings back so many memories of playing Barbies (I had the grandma-made plastic canvas furniture, too!), and I can’t wait for my daughter to have the same.

  12. This is great! Our 6 year old twins just got some Barbie’s in June for their birthday (and then our 3 year old had to get one too) so we NEED clothes for them. So far I have been working on somewhere for the barbies to live… but I guess I will have to make clothes. I am bookmarking this for when I am brave enough to start. Thanks

  13. What a fun dress for Barbie! It can be done up in any number of ways.

    I linked to your tutorial over at Craft Gossip Sewing:


  14. Beautifully simple.
    Check out the efforts on my blog and the reference to Pearls n Things for anyone who wants to go a bit retro.You will need to go to older posts & there are two lots of photos.I am a bit of a blogging dummy,can’t get too technical!

  15. Perfect timing. My daughter’s Barbie’s are in desperate need of some clothing. I’m getting a bit tired of staring at naked Barbie. 😉

  16. Forget Barbie – I want this dress!

  17. Thanks for hosting this week. I am working on Barbie clothes right now. Love that dress pattern.

  18. Your Barbie dress tutorial is fantastic. I’ve made hundreds of Barbie clothes. After a while you develop shortcuts and techniques of your own. I made 100 outfits one Christmas for each of my 3 sisters and sister-in-law. One of my sisters saved her clothes and handed them down to her daughter to dress her Barbies. Now she is saving them in hopes that one day she will have a daughter to hand them down to later. I also sold hundreds of Barbie outfits at craft fairs and flea marts through the years. Hope to see more posts about Barbie clothes.

  19. Thanks so much for sharing! I love that this dress can be custom-fit to the doll. What’s up with every Barbie having a slightly different body shape these days? And don’t even get me started on the Disney Princess dolls. And then the Moxie girls, Bratz, etc. etc… Anyway, these will be quick and easy to make, and easy for my girls to put on the dolls. Win-win!

  20. Yay! These look totally do-able compared to the patterns I bought. I had intentions of providing my daughter’s gazillion Barbies (yes I’m ashamed they’re not sensible cloth dolls with yarn hair but what can you do?) with a wardrobe on the cheap. I gave up after trying to attach a lace ruffle to a neckline on a bodice that didn’t end up fitting ANY of them. My fingers have never felt fatter or more clumsy! Although having bitched about the sizing issue I find it utterly fascinating the changes in Barbie’s body over the years and the current variations!

  21. thanks so much for this great tutorial! I made one already and now i’m going to work on the rest of Barbie’s wardrobe. The little Princess turns 4 tomorrow! She will be sooo happy! thanks so much!

  22. It’s about time Barbie got some classy clothes! Everything she comes with now looks so trashy most of the time! Santa just brought my daughter her first Barbie and I was wondering what to do as she came in a very revealing swimsuit and clearly needs some clothing coverage! Thanks for the tutorial!

  23. why cant we sew a dress this easily for ourselves? 🙂

    thanks for the tute!!

  24. FABULOUS!!! I have been avoiding making Barbie clothes because I don’t like having to sew all those little details. This tutorial was PERFECTION! Thank you so much! You can see how mine turned out at:

    Thanks for the tutorial!

  25. This is fantastic! A perfect scrap busting project. My daughter will be so happy, thank you!!

  26. I used your tutorial today and it was great! Thanks for taking me through the process. I’m looking forward to using your other Barbie tutorials. I linked to you at my site:

  27. Anonymous says

    Just found your website and I love the Barbie clothes! I just made 3 dresses this morning for my 3 girls with many Barbies. Your directions with pictures were wonderful—made sewing them very easy. We’re glad to have some modest and super-cute clothes on those dolls! Thank you! I am passing your site on to my friends.

  28. My little sis needed a dresswes for her barbies and this one is SO easy I cant wait to try it

  29. This is perfect thank you. I have seen the ones Mama’s A Mess has made and need to jump on this. I am tired of all the naked Barbies lying around my house….lol

  30. Ohhh crap. I actually hid the screen when my daughter walked by!!! (I have 3 girls and my oldest has been begging me to make Barbie clothes. I never really had an idea of how, but now I have to! lol) It looks so adorable. I hate all the teeny pins… so we’ll see. 🙂

  31. Thank you so much for creating this tutorial… I have been looking for something for ages. I made my first dress this weekend and can already feel the addiction coming on. I linked back to you here: Thank you SO MUCH!!!

  32. Hi,
    I made your dress with my Singer Featherweight. Had to change it up a bit, since I didn’t use a serger.
    Going to do a blog post and link to your site! Thanks for the tute!!

    Gail at love 2 sew 4 fun!!

  33. I need a patter to make a shirt or dress with sleeves so that my girls barbies are a bit more modest. Please help!

  34. This is wonderful! I just spent the best of three hours making what I would consider really elaborate Barbie clothes from a pattern I bought yesterday. They were hard to make and didn’t turn out that great. I am looking forward to trying out these styles and Barbie fashions, I like that I can choose to let Barbie be more modest or “flashy” the clothes in the store are a little too flashy for what I want for my daughter. And they are kind of expensive– although for the trouble I went through today, I would think about just buying some! But like I said, I like to choose the sytles and I have the brains to do it myself. Thanks for the great pattern! I look forward to many more great deas from this site!
    Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  35. I loved making this dress for my younger sister! I’ve been trying to make her a Barbie dress ever since I could sew. I looked and looked but I couldn’t find a tutorial. Thank you.

  36. I started making a couple of these today. My daughter is going to have a “Barbie Workshop” birthday party in July, so I’ve picked up a dozen naked Barbies from a thrift store and I’m going to make plain identical dresses for all of them. Then the little girls (all of them about 6 years old) can embellish them with lace and rhinestones to their little hearts’ content!

  37. Read this tutorial like 3-4 times! xD Totally can’t wait to get started and make this! 🙂 Thanks for posting! ^_^

  38. I keep using this pattern over and over! Uploaded several pictures to the Flickr Group. Thank you again for sharing these awsome patterns and ideas!

  39. I’m just over the moon to have found this tutuorial on Pinterest! thanks so much for sharing it! I made barbie clothes when our daughter was young…she is now 36! I now have 3 adorable granddaughters who would love these. I’m going to get started this week and make a bunch for their Easter baskets!!


    We are so in love! Can’t wait to make more! 😀 Thanks for the great idea and tut!

  41. What a beautiful design! For those of you who don’t have time to see your own barbie dress, check, they have a wonderful collection of clothes for barbie at very affordable prices.

  42. This brings back memories when I was 8 years old “sewing” my Barbie clothes. My mother enrolled me into a sewing class at our YWCA. I am still sewing…do you have some “Bitty Baby” tutorials…My granddaughter does not have Barbies yet.

    My kids (and overwhelming fabric stash) thank you!!

  44. Adorable! And another reminder to learn how to use the serger which was handed down to me! I can’t wait!

  45. Had fun making this dress. I put a photo on the flickr group for you. I also posted on my blog and gave you credit. 😉
    I too have been sewing since I was a little girl.

  46. Anonymous says

    Thank you so much for posting this. I have recently started sewing again and I never really had a lot of experience so this was perfect for me. I have made so many dresses so far and even a wedding dress and 3 bridesmaids dresses. If I knew how, I would post the pictures for you. Anyway thanks for the help, it is a lot of fun and my granddaughters are so excited. We also despaired of finding decent clothing for our Barbies. Now we need to make Ken some clothes!

  47. Anonymous says

    Still using your pattern. I finished up the Barbie wedding complete with backdrop, floral display, candle holder(battery operated tea lights), pulpit and Bible. I made Barbie and her bridesmaids a bouquet. Everything folds up and fits in a large shirt box. Barbie has a veil with a pearl headband. (did have an old Barbie pattern for the veil but it is 2 circles). My granddaughter will have a nice surprise on her 7th birthday! Thanks again. BB

  48. Anonymous says

    Hi! I followed your tutorial to make Barbie dresses and posted a review here:

    If you don’t like me posting a link, please let me know and I will remove it.

    Thank you for the tutorial, the dresses are very straightforward to make, but the results are very cute!

  49. When I made this for a little girl, her Mom said, seriously, would you make one of these for ME? I love it!

    And I do too, it’s quick and easy.

  50. So glad I found this on pintrest! Thankfully my little girl’s Barbies are finally clothed in cute and classy dresses! They look like they’re going to have a garden party instead of their former clothes that looked like they were auditioning for Rock of Love.

  51. Thank you! Great tutorial and very nice finished product. My daughter is thrilled with her new Barbie dresses!

  52. Thanks so much for the tutorials! They seem so easy that even a non-sewer like myself can feel confidant! 🙂 It’s almost impossible to find Barbie clothes in my small town, and if you do they’re $15 for two little outfits! This will be a great winter project for me and will make beautiful Christmas gifts for my granddaughters ~ thanks again! 🙂

  53. leannaage11 says

    Thanks so much for this, I’ll be linking on poptropica wiki!(i also post comments by the name of leanna.i am 11)soooooooooooooooo cute.or as my bro jacob,5,says,:soooooooooooooooooooo,coot!

  54. leannaage11 says

    Thank you! Great tutorial and very nice finished product.If you don’t like me posting a link, please let me know,i don’t know if i could remove it, mom has pintrest, too!pleeeeeeeeese check it out! please!its TomSteph Jarrell!my boards are,:
    bedroom ideas, beautiful sights and places,and Leanna(shes soooooo pretty,(cute):

    hi! my name is leanna,and im 11 years old. my boards are about what i like,which are all kinds of things!! it contains all kinds of things.i love things from pink fluffy tables to pretty bedrooms!my boards on my moms pinterest that she let me have,are the pretty sights and places and bedroom ideas!I really do hope you like my board and will repin stuff! anyway,I hope you like my board!!!ENJOY-SIGNED,LEANNA.!p.s.,my brother jacob called my mom coot,meaning cute.

  55. Awful you ruined my holidays.:(

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  84. Thank you SO much for making such clear and easy instructions!! I’m new to sewing and I was able to whip up a few skirts already and I cant wait to make a few dresses for Barbie :)Again thank you so much!!

  85. How long should the skirt piece be if you plan on making a ballgown? Thank you!

  86. How long should the skirt piece be if you plan on making a ballgown? Thank you!

  87. I’m so glad I found this. I’ve got a 3 yr old and I wanted to start making clothes for her. I remember my great aunt used to make Barbie dresses at her farm house. I just finished my first dress, and we are both pleased with it. Now I will have to make more. 🙂

  88. THANK YOU! Was looking around for clothes for my 3 year old daughters princess dolls, but found nothing that work work for her style (she has a true style already) and a mother’s eye towards modesty. Since I am a quilter, I also have an addition to pretty fabric – and can’t wait to use my fat quarter stash and other scraps to make a full wardrobe from the princesses! Since I am learning to make “3D” sewing items, these are a great way to learn as well as a way to experiment! Planning to get started right away and give a whole wardrobe to her for Christmas!

  89. Thank you very much for this tutorial! Your blog is beautiful, what a talent! I love it!

  90. Hi!
    I live in Dk, so I have a different metric system than you? What does the ” mean?
    I think the dress is fabulous, so I would really like to give it a try!

  91. All our Barbies are naked, where the heck do their clothes go?! I am going to attempt to make your dress, I cringe at the thought. I am sewing machine challenged. I can mend things but struggle to actually make anything. Fingers crossed

  92. I could literally kiss you right now!!!
    My SON (yes my son!) is obsessed with all things Monster High. He works really hard to earn money to buy new dolls. Only problem is that he loves to design their clothes. He uses socks and other odd pieces of fabric (yes I have to hide my cute socks!).
    Until now my sewing expertise has been extremely challenged in keeping up with his creative designs!
    Thank you for sharing what you’ve learned!
    I would totally send you a huge batch of brownies if I knew your address!!

  93. THANKS FOR THE TUTORIAL on BARBIE DOLL sundress . . . showing 4 fabrics: 2 florals, plaid & polka dot! It looks SIMPLE, especially if sewing continuously 4 or 5, so it goes faster. LOVE the bright floral fabric! When I was in high school (60s), I sewed Barbie clothes for my 2 younger sisters who would cut out clothes from Mom’s scraps much faster than I could find time to sew. Dresses are FAB as it’s only 1 piece, not 2 like tops & pants! I’m planning to sew several for my 5 grandnieces under age 9. THANKS for sharing. Sarah Helene in Minneapolis

  94. Hi there,
    thank you very very very much for this great tutorial. These Barbie’s dress looks soooooo pretty!
    I made the dresses for my girls’ dolls and they are very happy 🙂
    The tutorial is very well written and easy to follow! Thank you again!

  95. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
    Thoughts and a photo here…

  96. brisyvonne says

    Totally brilliant, you could also make the top shorter like a midriff top and a skirt. Very easy can’t wait for my granddaughter to try it out and sew it. thanks so much.

  97. My little girls have long since grown up, but I have grandaughters that love to play with Barbies and such. Once I tried to make a Barbie outfit from a store pattern. I’d rather poke my eye out than ever finish that project. I searched online for Barbie clothes that were both cute and relatively easy. Your designs were by far my favs. I’ve dug out my oldest daughter’s old Barbies (Barbie and the Rockers edition) and can’t wait to surprise the little girls with the new clothes because, afterall, dressing them up is the best part.

  98. Thanks for the tutorial, I’ve been looking at it for a while but finally made some dresses for my niece and my girls. Thank you!

  99. Amazing. Exactly what I was after! Easy, quick and effective Barbie clothes. And so customisable. I am very popular with my daughters right now!

  100. Thank you. I just used this tutorial to make Tinkerbell a lovely new dress! My daughter is over the moon with it – and I’m off to dig out ALL my fabric scraps x

  101. I love your easy to follow-patterns! Thank you so much, If you want to see what I made with them please check out my new blog where I (of course) credited you.

  102. Thank you for sharing your awesome and easy to follow patterns, I credited you on my blog for these and if you’d like to see my humble results please take a look! Thanks again!

  103. Pitch perfect!

  104. April S. says

    This may be my go-to Barbie dress base pattern! Thank you! I also have three daughters that I love to sew for and this will be used very often for each of their very different styles!

  105. I have been making Barbie clothes since I got my first Barbie doll. Just for a reference it was one of the first ones made. Yes I am almost 70 and still making clothes for Barbie dolls. This is a very simple pattern and works up in a couple of hours doing it all by hand. I have 8 different size and style of Barbie dolls sitting here that are getting new wardrobes made for next Christmas. Such fun never ends and keeps you young. Great pattern as it fits all the dolls.

  106. I made this dress but I made it by hand. I have no sewing machine, so while waiting to get one, I wanted to get a head start on practice. It came out a little big for the barbie and I only had buttons on hand. I wanted to include a picture but I’m not quite sure how to do that from my smart phone.

  107. Tamra Wilson says

    The polka dots reminds me of Lucy!

  108. is there a way to print this out so I can have it by my sewing machine? Thanks for the cute dress pattern! So easy for a little girl to put on her doll!

  109. Thank you so much for this wonderful pattern!!! I just sewed some dresses – including a wedding dress – for my daughters barbies and they love it!!! Tomorrow I will try your other barbie patterns. They are much more pretty than all the other patterns I looked for.
    Theresa from Germany

  110. I found your website while searching for doll clothes patterns and templates. I am making fabric dolls similar to Tilda dolls, a bit bigger than Barbie size for my granddaughters. I love that you were able to take two pieces of fabric and make a gorgeous dress using scrap fabrics. Someone on another site suggested saving your favorite baby outfits that have either been outgrown or stained to use as fabric and I think that I would go even further and say that any piece of fabric or old clothing you like including old curtains (think Scarlett O”Hara) fabric napkins, scraps from sewing projects, literally anything! Also look in the clearance bin at your local craft and fabric stores. Lots of odds and ends there. Thank you for sharing this easy pattern!!!

  111. I’ve made two dresses already and they are too darn cute. Thanks so much for the patterns and instructions.

  112. Just what I’ve been looking for! Thank you.

  113. Thank you for such an easy Barbie dress! I’m not a fan of tiny hemming, so I cut it out twice in different fabrics and figured out how to make it reversible (whaaaatttt?!) and my daughter’s love it! Plus this is the first time I got the darts right so they don’t fall off of Barbie. Woot woot!

  114. Wendy from London says

    Thank you so much having trouble making a pattern but now sorted thanks to you

  115. I don’t find the square neckline dress pattern. Is there another link for it? Or can you tell me the name of the pattern and pattern number please? Thank you so much for sharing 😊

  116. Very clear and motivating tutorial. Enjoyed its detail yet simplicity. Thank you for sharing. Wish it was in printable form so I could leave it for my grand and great grand daughters.

  117. Does this have a printable pattern?

  118. can you use buttons instead of velcro instead?

  119. Mary Jane Plemons says

    Thank you for your patterns. I have been making wardrobes for my Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes. Three little girls will hear the Gospel and receive a shoebox full of school supplies, hygiene items, hair fixings, and toys, mainly a Barbie and her wonderful clothes, all to demonstrate God’s love for them. I never would have attempted the wardrobes without your clear instructions!

  120. So awesome! Thank you so much for sharing. I will be making with my daughter!

  121. Thank you! I am going to try to make a couple dresses and then pass this info to my 9 year old granddaughter who loves to design clothing and is learning to sew.


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