baby doll dresses

Sadie’s baby dolls “needed” some new dresses…aren’t they cute? I used this tutorial/free pattern, and sewed them up during the girls nap time. They have been nice enough to nap at the same time lately! Isn’t that wonderful of them?

I made a quick matching headband for the orange one…agh! I think this may become a new obsession. That’s not weird, right?

And they’re reversible! awesome. Two dresses in one. Although in hindsight I should have swapped the fabrics so the dollies could coordinate. You know, call each other up on the play phone,”Which dress are you wearing today? The orange? oK!”

What, you didn’t do that in elementary school? I did! (with my pals Jenny and Jennifer…we were the three J’s, and had the coolest clothes…er….)

the back. Ooh, scandalous, you can see her diaper!

I’m on the lookout for more doll clothing tutorials, so if you know of any good ones, let me know!


  1. Did you see the cute cute doll clothes that Sachiko at Tea Rose Home made for her daughter’s dolls out of her daughter’s old clothes? They are so so cute, no tutorial though-she just eyeballed it.

  2. those are too cute…love the matching headband! and making them is so much cheaper than buying them:-) just wich I could sew…

  3. It’s so nice that they are not naked even if the diaper is peeking thru. Very cute designs!

  4. adorable! i need to whip some of these up for my girls’ BDays next month.

  5. I’m gonna have to try those! Kadie has a lot of naked baby dolls hanging around. CUTE!

  6. Very cute! I’ve made tons for my girls dolls too- I love the doll clothes tutorials on obsessivelystitching. Genius.

  7. I love the doll dresses. They are so cute and so easy! I know what I will be doing this afternoon.


  8. They turned out so cute! I love it.

  9. They are sooo cute Jess!!! And a
    headband ….show off {smiles}.
    Thanks so much for the link up.

  10. So cute! Thanks for sharing them! This is exactly what I was looking for!

  11. i neeeeeeeeeeeeeed a tut for the headband please oh please oh PLEASE!

  12. You are so creative and talented. I absolutely love the doll clothes and all the felt food you’ve been making. Especially those bananas!! I wish I could make half the things for my daughter that you do. Unfortunately I am a non-sewer. Do you think you’ll ever sell doll clothes or felt food in your Etsy shop? Hope so! Thanks for sharing all your great stuff!

  13. The link for the pattern isn’t workng – any chance you would be willing to repost the actual pattern?

  14. This is really sweet! My son has a little dolly and lost her romper… better make something for it!

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