boden knock off-KCWC

My goal is one piece per day for KCWC (not that different from a normal day round these parts, I admit), so I made this cute lil dress yesterday. I am kinda in love with the fabric. More than a normal person loves a fabric is how I feel about this fabric. Ya'll with me? I used Vanessa's awesome tute and template that debuted on this here blog! I … [Read more...]

the girliest dress-KCWC

So I got a late start on my KCWC-I started a day late-but I was able to whip this up last night after (sorta) unpacking from my trip to Utah! (more on that another time)I used this pattern, which I found out about via the Elsie Marley blog-so thanks Meg, for the tip! It was a quick sew-but one problem-no zipper or buttons, it's supposed to slip … [Read more...]

kids clothes week-pillowcase dresses

No, you're not seeing double. ;) And yes, I made the girls the exact. same. dress. I am aware of that. I just can't help it. and I really love the ribbon bow on the shoulder! They're just simple pillowcase dresses-I mostly used this tutorial-but my own hacked up pattern.I love the fabric! I got it on sale-$4 a yard-and I made both dresses with one … [Read more...]

kids clothes week-grey fleece sweater

I love how this sweater turned out! I wish I'd lined it in cotton though, instead of more fleece, it's a bit stiff in the arms. (Christmas Story style) Anyways-it was fun to sew-and pretty easy to put together. I used this pattern. Another piece for the Sadester's fall/winter wardrobe! … [Read more...]

kids clothes week-magenta knit shirt

It's official. She's mastered the snooty ignore-the-camera model look. Which I still think is adorable, but I'm biased. sheesh, this color is kinda hurting my eyes on the screen. I promise it's not that red/bright in real life. More pink/magenta-but whatever! Here's one of my attempts to build up Sadie's fall/winter wardrobe. As of now she … [Read more...]

kids clothes week-teal bow top and corduroy skirt

I never thought I could love a shirt this much-but it is possible. ;)I made it from another tee shirt-of course I didn't take a before picture. (because the power went out and I cut it out by flashlight. No power-so I thought I'd at least cut something out. What can I say-I'm a die hard) Just imagine a boxy, little boy shirt and you'll get the … [Read more...]

kids clothes week-warm PJ’s

It's been getting a bit chillier at night here (granted, it's still Cali, but anyways....), so Sadie's summer PJ's are no longer in season. Hence...winter PJ's! It's not rocket science, but I digress. PJ's can get so expensive! I love making them, they're a quick project (especially since my new baby serger came to live with us) and fun to … [Read more...]

kids clothes week round seven

ok, this is getting a little ridiculous....I keep finding cool stuff to sew though! I blame it on the internet...and this remnant piece of fabric that was calling out to be made into something! At least now my Kids Clothes Week run is rounded out with seven pieces for seven days that I managed to finish.I found the tutorial for this top on Prudent … [Read more...]

kids clothes week round six

...and that's it! lol. I know I said I was done, but I had to make SOMETHING with this fabric, I've been pondering what to do with it for awhile. It's a shower curtain, from Target, found at Goodwill. ;) So I whipped up a little skirt last Friday (it's hemmed already so I didn't have to do that!), with a cute ruffle at the top. It took about 20 … [Read more...]

kids clothes week round five

All done with the Kids Clothes Week challenge! It was a fun week, I got to make some cute clothes for the Sadester, and tried to use up some of my fabric that was just sitting around. I reached my goal of one item/outfit per day, so yay! The last one was something easy, another easy breezy tank (dress)...I almost didn't manage to make anything … [Read more...]