liberty of london Knot Necklace

I'm so pleased as punch to share this project with you today, and to be working with Liberty of London on this project! It's easy, cute, and really lets you show off your fave fabric! Hop over there for the full tutorial!   … [Read more...]


Maybe I am subconsciously getting ready for St. Patrick's Day, I don't know. I made a few necklaces last week and chose green beads for both. I'd rather have gotten another color of bead for the top one, but that was the best choice available at the time. Aren't the braided beads cute? I pinned this tutorial AGES ago and finally got the materials … [Read more...]

another easy necklace

fabric from the Fat Quarter shop-isn't it adorable? So instead of curling up in the corner and Pinteresting snoozing the day away, I actually got something done yesterday! Granted, it was just this little necklace which wasn't hard to make, but still. After the couple of sick, fever-filled days we've had, this was worth shouting from the … [Read more...]

simple beaded necklace

Hey, all! As promised, I've got a tutorial for a simple beaded necklace for ya! You'll need:chain (I used 17")jump ringsan eye pin (mine was 5 cm long, often used for earrings)3 small beads (mine were 8mm wide)also a closure, not shown in this pic...oops! Needle nose pliers and wire cutters So first put the beads onto the eye pin...then trim it … [Read more...]

more pretties

So I've been making some more pretties to wear! (plus some for gifts!) I found most of the findings on Etsy, and glued, jump ringed, and wrapped my heart out.   I have been having so much fun making them while watching How I Met Your Mother. (which is hil-wait for it-arious!)I'm on a bit of a jewelry making spree, and loving it! These wrapped … [Read more...]

Seed & Sky jewelry giveaway!

***This giveaway is now closed*** First off thank you all for the lovely birthday wishes yesterday! I had a great birthday (hanging out with friends at the park, thrifting, noshing on a yummy burger and fries, watching Breaking Dawn).... and my sister & hubby drove out from Utah for my birthday Thanksgiving! Fab day if you ask me. I've got … [Read more...]

I made some jewelry. (plus a guest post)

I use the word "made" in a very loose sense. If I can make jewelry, than anyone can. These consisted of gluing stuff,  opening and closing jump rings, etc. That I can handle. Although I did once take a jewelry class in high school where I actually soldered and stuff, it was quite fun but I made the ugliest stuff. The two necklaces on either end … [Read more...]