Seed & Sky jewelry giveaway!

***This giveaway is now closed***

First off thank you all for the lovely birthday wishes yesterday! I had a great birthday (hanging out with friends at the park, thrifting, noshing on a yummy burger and fries, watching Breaking Dawn)…. and my sister & hubby drove out from Utah for my birthday Thanksgiving! Fab day if you ask me.

ย I’ve got another lovely giveaway for you today! (full disclosure: I almost spelled that word twoday…)

Kelcey, from the lovely shop Seed & Sky, is giving away a set of earrings to one lucky winner! She makes one of a kind earrings and necklaces with her own original artwork. Aren’t they gorgeous? It’s like wearing artwork on your earlobes. What is cooler than that? Check out my faves below.

She sent me a pair of my own to review, and these bottom ones (in silver) were my choice, but man it was hard to decide! They are all so gorgeous. The findings are a very nice weight and these one of a kind earrings can really pull an outfit together!

Example A

Nice ear, I know. Don’t give me a big ego, alright?

She’s also offering a 20% off discount code good for the rest of the month of November!

Use the code CRAFTINESS when you check out to receive the discount.

How to enter:

Check out all the eye candy over in her shop, then come back here and tell me your fav design!

Additional entry:

“Like” Seed & Sky on Facebook.

Leave an email address with at least one entry, please.ย 

This giveaway will end Sunday the 27th.

Good luck!


  1. I love the gold floral ones… same as yours but gold colour! she has lots of nice ones, it makes it very hard to choose! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I like the fox earings. They’re so cute;

  3. Ahh! Im in love with her designs ๐Ÿ™‚ Beautiful each one.


  4. i love the maple seed necklace! Happy late birthday! ryansarahn at gmail dot com

  5. How pretty! I love the long water lily ones. Adorbs. ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Love the maple seed neclace and earings.

    [email protected]

  7. “Liked” Seed and Sky on Facebook.

  8. They are all very unique. I think my favs are the acorn ones or the maple seed ones. The cardinals are a close 3rd for me.

    [email protected]

  9. I love the bow and arrow and the little foxes the best!

    [email protected]

  10. I also ‘Like’ Seed and Sky on FB!

    [email protected]

  11. It took me about 15 minutes to decide. Wow, they are gorgeous.
    I like (love!!) this one the most:


  12. I ‘liked’ Seed & Sky jewelry on FB as well.

  13. Love the Red Dahlia earrings!

  14. I’ve ‘liked’ Seed and Sky on FB!

  15. I can’t decide which one I like better… the poppies, the maple seed or the purple lotus. So beautiful!


  16. liked her on FB!

  17. I like the butterfly necklace swallowtail! SO cute!!!! thanks for the giveaway! ms_sunshyne (at) yahoo (dot) com

  18. Ooh, hard to decide between the lime green dragonfly earrings or long Eco earrings – all gorgeous!

  19. I’ve liked on FB!

  20. I love the compass rose earrings!! They are so cute, and would definitely bring out this nautical clothing theme I am feeling lately ๐Ÿ™‚


    PS I am so glad you got to spend your birthday with family!! My sister lives so far away we rarely see each other, so it is such a blessing to get to see her for big events like birthdays and holidays ๐Ÿ™‚

  21. I love the red Dahlia earrings!

  22. I love the red Dahlia earrings!

  23. I love the red Dahlia earrings!

  24. I love the red Dahlia earrings!

  25. I love the red Dahlia earrings!

  26. I love the red Dahlia earrings!

  27. I love the red Dahlia earrings!

  28. So hard to choose, but I like gold floral. Thanks for the chance to win!

  29. Love the red dahlias.

  30. I love the Feathers and Flower earrings– but all the pieces are gorgeous!

  31. I’m kinda loving them all but I think the red dahlias or the maple seed ones would be my pick.

  32. I like the compass ones and the labyrinth.

  33. I’m big into nautical things, so the compass earrings are way awesome in my book.

    [email protected]

  34. I love the Gold Floral earrings. [email protected]

  35. Dahlias are my favorite flower but I didn’t even notice that my favorite earrings were Dahlias until I read the description! I love the Red Dahlia earrings in silver. Thanks for the giveaway and happy Thanksgiving!

    lkollett at gmail

  36. I adore the leaf earrings in silver. The dragonfly earrings in silver are also awesome. I’d love to win a little ear bling! Thanks for the chance. clotheslinechronicles(at)gmail(dot)com

  37. I love the red dahlia earrings!
    [email protected]

  38. Also liked Seed & Sky on FB.

  39. I like the bicycle ones! [email protected]

  40. Wow these are all so gorgeous. I love the long bow and arrow one’s the best though.


  41. Love the ZINNIA FEATHERS earrings!
    sarabasla at hotmail dot com

  42. OMG – these are so beautiful!!! I really love the lotus and compass styles (in silver), but they’re all gorgeous. msally99(at)yahoo(dot)com

  43. I just love her earrings, they are very unusual. I would pick the silver zinnia feather. Thank you! Happy birthday and Happy Thanksgiving.

  44. The red dahlias are my favorite!
    Aesprouse at gmail dot com

  45. Love the red dahlias.

  46. I like the lime green dragonfly earrings!

    [email protected]

  47. Ooo! I love the pair you chose as well as the red dahlias! Such beautiful pieces, thanks for the giveaway!

  48. Gosh it’s so hard to pick a favorite! I love the (short) compass earrings and the (short) branch ones, too!


  49. I love those Red Dahlia earrings, but I also think the bike wheel ones are cute!

  50. I think Zinnia flowers are my favorite. Very pretty!

  51. I love them all, but my favorite are the dragonfly on lime green.
    [email protected]

  52. The list would be shorter if I wrote which ones I didn’t like – but the branch, waterlily, map and woodland are prob the first I’d order. These are perfect Christmas gift ideas, thanks for sharing the site. And of course I’d love to win a pair for myself! [email protected]

  53. I love red dahlia earrings!

  54. I like seed & sky on fb!

  55. I like the red dahlia and the gold floral…okay so I pretty much love them all.

  56. The butterfly necklace would be perfect for one of my good friends! emmillee(AT)gmail(dot)com

  57. Wow, these are neat. Not sure if my fav is the dragonfly with the awesome green or the flower and feather in silver.

  58. She has some lovely jewelry, but I like the Zinnia Feathers earrings in silver best!
    Happy birthday week and thanks for the giveaway!
    cambroz at yahoo dot com

  59. I love the flower ones you chose as well. I also love the maple seed ones.

  60. Sorry – I forgot this:


  61. I liked this on Facebook – love the little fox earrings.

  62. I really like the long poppy earrings :).

  63. Love the Lotus ones!

  64. Too cute! I love the Lotus designs!

  65. I liked S&S on Facebook

  66. WOW they are all so beautiful! I can’t decide between the lotus or the geometric ones. Thanks for the giveaway!

  67. And I like Seed & Sky on FB

    JennyLiddle at Live dot c0m


  68. I love the Red Dahlia earrings in silver…so beautiful!
    [email protected]

  69. I liked her on Facebook, too! ๐Ÿ™‚
    [email protected]

  70. they are all beautiful! I really like all the different floral designs. beckylamunyon at gmail dot com

  71. I like the red dahlias, and the green dragonflies in silver. Her necklaces are all so cute!
    But how cool is it that you an replace ones you have lost?
    [email protected]

  72. Wow, so many pretty pictures! I love the Swallowtail Butterfly and the Compass ๐Ÿ™‚
    Oh, and happy belated birthday ๐Ÿ˜‰

  73. I like the Woodland Necklace – Jack in the Pulpit Flower- handcrafted fine art jewelry by Seed & Sky

  74. I love all the red ones. The poppy, the dahlia, the cardinal and the little bird on a wheel.


  75. My favorites are the ones you’re wearing – the gold floral earrings. Very pretty!

  76. Oh goodness – there are so many pretty things to choose from! I like the Red Dahlia and the Celebration Banner ones – adorable!! Thanks

  77. I love the long branch – lavendar earrings. so darling!

    [email protected]

  78. I also ‘liked’ her facebook page.

    [email protected]

  79. I’m late to the party, but happy birthday!

    These earrings are adorable. I love the butterfly and swallow dangle earrings (along with many others!)

  80. I like the celebration banner earrings!

  81. Wow it really is hard to choose just one. I love the silver dragonfly and the lotus flowers would be a close second.

  82. Liked on facebook

  83. I love the Long Bow and Arrow Earrings. And would love to win. Happy Thanksgiving!


  84. I love the Gold Bird on a Wheel earrings. Adorable! [email protected]

  85. I like them on FB!

  86. Dangly earrings are my fave! I love the red dahlia ones on gold.

  87. I love the lavender branch ones (the shorter ones). So pretty and hard to choose a favorite! ๐Ÿ™‚

    jayhawk4_13 (at) yahoo (dot) com

  88. There are so many beautiful choices but my favorite earrings are the red dahlia.

    slarosa72 at gmail dot com

  89. I like Seed & Sky on Facebook.

    slarosa72 At gmail dot com

  90. The Swallow Bird Earrings in silver are adorable! These would make a perfect christmas present for my mom…

    catherineskewesdonaldson at gmail dot com

  91. the red dahlias or the branch earrings. Hard to say, I love them both!

  92. They’re beautiful earrings! I love the dahlias!

  93. I love the gold barn owl earrings – so beautiful. What an amazing talent. Thanks for the giveaway and for introducing us to an amazing artist.

  94. I liked her on FB too.


  95. Wow! LOVE the red dahlia or the red labyrinth. Amazing!!!

    inthegrove5 *at* gmail *dot* com

  96. Wow! LOVE the red dahlia or the red labyrinth. Amazing!!!

    inthegrove5 *at* gmail *dot* com

  97. Wow! LOVE the red dahlia or the red labyrinth. Amazing!!!

    inthegrove5 *at* gmail *dot* com

  98. Wow! LOVE the red dahlia or the red labyrinth. Amazing!!!

    inthegrove5 *at* gmail *dot* com

  99. Wow! LOVE the red dahlia or the red labyrinth. Amazing!!!

    inthegrove5 *at* gmail *dot* com

  100. Wow! LOVE the red dahlia or the red labyrinth. Amazing!!!

    inthegrove5 *at* gmail *dot* com

  101. Wow! LOVE the red dahlia or the red labyrinth. Amazing!!!

    inthegrove5 *at* gmail *dot* com

  102. I love the celebration banner earings, super cute!!!
    Chris (bvjplumbing *at* gmail *dot* com)

  103. I love the celebration banner earings, super cute!!!
    Chris (bvjplumbing *at* gmail *dot* com)

  104. I love the celebration banner earings, super cute!!!
    Chris (bvjplumbing *at* gmail *dot* com)

  105. I love the celebration banner earings, super cute!!!
    Chris (bvjplumbing *at* gmail *dot* com)

  106. I love the celebration banner earings, super cute!!!
    Chris (bvjplumbing *at* gmail *dot* com)

  107. I love the celebration banner earings, super cute!!!
    Chris (bvjplumbing *at* gmail *dot* com)

  108. I love the celebration banner earings, super cute!!!
    Chris (bvjplumbing *at* gmail *dot* com)

  109. wow, her jewellery is gorgeous! i love all the pieces, but my favourite is Feathers & Flower long earrings in silver. Such beautiful artwork!!! and double-sided is just a bonus!! ๐Ÿ™‚

    [email protected]

  110. just “liked” on facebook ๐Ÿ™‚

  111. My favorite has to be the Barn Owl Earrings LONG – Sterling Silver Earwires – “owl art” by Seed&Sky
    Just simply lovely!

    [email protected]

  112. I also liked them on facebook, via Kate Cunningham

    [email protected]

  113. Love the Red Dahlia Earrings in silver. Thank you:)

  114. The Maple Seed necklace is gorgeous! Thanks for sharing with us!

    jlwhite (at) sasktel (dot) net

  115. Hi,

    My favorite are the short gold lotus earrings. So cute. Thanks, hope I win!


  116. I didn’t see the fox ones, but I think I love the acorn ones the best… something gorgeous to wear with all my browns and golds, and natural art as well? Yes please! Either those or the gorgeous Zinna/Feather one… for all the reds and blues in my life…

  117. Love the zinnia flower earrings! mamalusco at ortelco dot net

  118. I like the bird on the wheel, the red dahlia and the wheel one!

    imfeelincrafty at gmail dot com

  119. Love the silver bicycle earrings and the banner necklace. Cute stuff! katiefewell(at)gmail(dot)com

  120. I like their “Swallow bird earrings in silver”. I saw those in gold on her first page & hunted it down in silver.

  121. I liked Seed & Sky on FB.

  122. I love the long BRANCH EARRINGS. So cute!
    Evin5 at aol dot com

  123. I love the first ones!!

  124. The red dahlia earrings are my favorite!

    Klineca AT gmail DOT com

  125. I liked her on FB ๐Ÿ™‚

    Klineca AT gmail DOT com

  126. I really like the red dahlia earrings in gold. Beautiful!!

    [email protected]

  127. Ooooh, I love the feathery-flowery ones and the one with the owl and… ooooh, I can’t choose! -x-

    [email protected]

  128. Oh my! So many good ones to choose from. I guess if I had to pick one I would go for “Gold bird on a wheel”.

  129. Forgot my email address in the last post.
    gina.m.shelton at gmail dot com

  130. Thanks for the giveaway! I really like the dangle style but I tend to wear gold…I would choose the woodnymph dangle or gold water lily.

  131. liked in face book!!

  132. I liked them on facebook!


  133. My fav is a tie between the BIKE WHEELS, COMPASS and the LOTUS. Unique earrings!


  134. I really like the feathers and flowers earrings! Also the gold bird on the wheel is pretty awesome ๐Ÿ™‚

    [email protected]

  135. I “liked” seed & sky on FB!

    [email protected]

  136. I love the little bird earrings!

    Mon.e.kah at gmail dot com

  137. I would die for the Extra Long Swallows ;D … but ooohhhh the feathers and flower ones are so pretty too!
    [email protected]

  138. I also liked on FB!!!!
    [email protected]

  139. I like the purple lotus earings.

  140. So beautiful. I would pick the Asheville map. Thanks.

  141. I also liked them on facebook

  142. I love the dragonfly earrings in the lime green!
    [email protected]

  143. I liked seed & sky on Facebook!

  144. I like the celebration banner earrings, or the lotus, or the cardinal….! They’re all so beautiful! Thanks for the giveaway! j-j-s AT juno DOT com

  145. I love these ones: “Purple “LOTUS Earrings” Long Double-Sided Lotus Blossom – Sterling Silver Earwires”

    they are amazing, just like you!

  146. I love the gold bird on a wheel!
    [email protected]

  147. i like the maple seed one

  148. I love the Red DAHLIA Earrings!
    agirishgirl11 (at) aol (dot) com

  149. So cute. Love the red dahlia earrings…

  150. branch earrings – lavender purple blue tree leaf. beautiful. would love a pair to gift to my sister!

  151. I love the simple, natural forms she uses. My favorite is the signature maple seed motif. Perfection.

  152. My faves are the compass earrings!

  153. I Love the Silver Water Lily earrings! You are right, the earrings can make the outfit!


  154. I liked Seed and Sky on facebook!

  155. I like the geometric folk pattern (one of the ones you picked too!). t_yeates(at)yahoo(dot)com

  156. I liked Seed & Sky on Facebook! t_yeates(at)yahoo(dot)com

  157. I love the fox earrings – so fun!
    [email protected]

  158. I like the red dahlia earnings.

    [email protected]

  159. I absolutely love all their jewelry! So hard to choose a favorite! I especially love anything in the Celebration Banner pattern, the floral folk pattern, and the Poppy pattern.
    [email protected]

  160. I liked her on Facebook!

  161. I love the red dahlia earrings!

    jessicarwarfield at gmail dot com

  162. I “Like” Seed & Sky on Facebook

    jessicarwarfield at gmail dot com

  163. Love the cardinal ones! I am in STL! aharrisauto at yahoo dot com

  164. Liked on fb aharisauto at yahoo dot com

  165. so many cute choices! i really like the red dahlia ones!


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