baby shower gifts

So you saw the shower I co-hosted for my pal Aimee, right? So....I kind of went a little handmade crazy for her present. I couldn't help it! Baby girl stuff is just too much fun to make. My favorite part of her gift was this little quilt I made for baby Penny. It's not pieced, obviously, just two yards of fabric layered with batting and quilted, … [Read more...]

my new baby…

lol, just to be clear, I am SO not pregnant, but did I getcha? Even a little bit? nope? oh well. That's what I get for pulling such a lame "joke".  Anywho, I was referring to my new GO! Baby cutter that the nice folks at AccuQuilt sent me! I admit, I was a little intimidated by the box when it arrived, thinking it would be hard to figure out...but … [Read more...]

ric rac flower tutorial

 Aren't these little ric rac flowers gorgeous? I did not quite understand the full cuteness power of ric rac until recently, but I count myself enamored. My crafty cousin Jenni first showed me a flower like this last year at my sister's wedding, and I promptly (and sadly) forgot about them! Until I needed a quick add on to a skirt and had ric rac … [Read more...]

pleated headband tutorial

 Here's the tutorial for Sadie's pleated headband she wore with her Winter Wonderland dress.Click below for more!  You'll need:scrap of fabric (mine was about 3"x11.5")scrap of interfacing (same size, ish)elastic headband (I found mine at both Target and the dollar store)pearls or buttons if you wantscrap of matching feltglue gun First, cut your … [Read more...]

simple felt bow tutorial

I whipped out these cute lil bows the other day and took a few pics to show ya...They're pretty self explanatory, but I'll add words anyways. Minimally.Click below for more! you'll need:glue. felt. clip. trim edges with pinking shears if wanted. (If you MUST know, my felt was 4"x2.5" for the big piece, small piece 1"x2.5")  smoosh. … [Read more...]


My friend Nikki and I joke about starting a HAA club. (Hair Accessories Anonymous) I really think I may need some intervention soon though! It's getting a bit out of hand. I think Sadie (and subsequently baby), have enough clips to wear one a day and have them last months without wearing any twice!How could I not try her new flower clip tutorial! … [Read more...]

yo-yo clip tutorial

Have a plethora of yo-yo's around? No? Well, get to making some so you can make these cute clips for yourself...or your daughter...or your mom for mother's day....or your dog..... Anyways, I really did have a bunch laying around that I made like, 2 1/2 years ago on a trip to Hawaii, with no plan in mind. (I was 5 weeks pregnant, but I don't know if … [Read more...]

one in every color…

...or a few colors, at least. Couldn't help but make Sadie a few more of these rose clips...they're so easy and cute. and addicting. there are worse things to be addicted to, I suppose. … [Read more...]

little clippie tutorial

Here's how to make some super easy, fast, and cute clippies for your little girl...or boy if he likes to play dress up. (I don't judge...Rory has worn clippies in his hair before...placed by Sadie of course. Encouraged by me. hehe. I'm in trouble now...) Click below for more!  You'll need:hot glue gunclips (I got a 12 pack at the dollar … [Read more...]