broccoli tutorial

Sadie's not a fan of broccoli in real life...but she does love playing with her felt version. What is up with that? lol. What a strange cookie.'s how I made mine: (+cauliflower)   Click below for more! You'll need: green and white felt matching thread bit of poly fil This is ridiculously easy...but bear with me … [Read more...]

tortilla chips

Since sewing, etc., is a little farther down the priority pole right now, I've been getting my crafty jollies by making more felt food! They're (usually) quick projects that I can start and stop easily.Enter these adorable tortilla chips. (and bag!) I cut strips of off-white felt 2 inches wide by however long the piece was, and then used my rotary … [Read more...]

felt movie snacks tutorial

Hi, and welcome to felt movie snacks 101! (imagine that in a movie announcer voice. ok, I'm lame. moving on..) Thanks to Anna who came up with this fun Spice up your Kitchen week idea!I had this idea to make a felt candy bar, you know, like the one who's name rhymes with Smershey? Anyways, then the movie snack theme got away from me (pardon the … [Read more...]

felt cookie dough

Probably the easiest felt food to make....EVER......but possibly the cutest!(thanks to Nikki for the idea!) … [Read more...]


how about some lasagna? or goldfish crackers? yum... … [Read more...]

easy carrot recipe

Easy Carrot RecipeIngredients:orange and green feltmatching threadpoly filsewing machine (or a hand sewing needle)Directions:cut orange and green felt into carrot and carrot top shapes. (sorry about the green felt color on this one...not too appetizing, eh?)sew around carrot top with green around orange pieces with orange … [Read more...]

more felt food!

pizza with the works! bag o' chips! (used a piece of clear vinyl for the front, i love how you can see the chips! … [Read more...]

fabric green beans tutorial

ready to make it fun to play with your veggies?! then make these super cute fabric green beans for your favorite little chef...don't forget the little pat of butter! Click below for more details!you'll need:several pieces of dark green flannel or felt, cut into 4x3 inch piecesmatching threadsewing machinehand sewing needlestuffinghere are your … [Read more...]

more food.

my sisters brought along some mini pies on our camping trip and were generous enough to share with me the pie tins. but not the pies. haha. of course, even camping, my crafty mind was anxious to get back to sewing, i thought of making mini pies for sadie's mini didn't come out perfectly, or exactly how i imagined it, but cute … [Read more...]

Bushel of fake food

I've been obsessively making little bits of felt/fabric food for the past week or so. It's soo addicting. Here is my (Sadie's) collection:My (Sadie's) basket of fun.Fancy a ham sandwich? Me too.Layers of yumminess. imaginary of course.PB&JHeirloom tomato and slices of tomato. It looks like a pumpkin, I know. HEIRLOOM TOMATO.half a dozen eggs...used … [Read more...]