more felt food!

pizza with the works!

bag o’ chips! (used a piece of clear vinyl for the front, i love how you can see the chips!


  1. yummy, looks delicious! Is that made with your new felt?

  2. yup! i’m never going back to craft felt, wool felt is awesome!!

  3. Wow, So cute!!

    Love those potato chips…as soon as we move into a bigger place, my bianca is definately getting a little kitchen stocked with felt food!

  4. Oh, how I love the felt food. These are awesome!

  5. Love the Pizza it is making me hungry!!!

  6. Those are adorable!!

  7. SERIOUSLY you need to sell the felt food!! If you want to make them, I’m happy to do a post for you! Email me! [email protected]

  8. Those chips are just killing me! What a great idea!

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