broccoli tutorial

Sadie’s not a fan of broccoli in real life…but she does love playing with her felt version. What is up with that? lol. What a strange cookie.

ANyways…here’s how I made mine: (+cauliflower)   Click below for more!

You’ll need:
green and white felt
matching thread
bit of poly fil

This is ridiculously easy…but bear with me anyways. Cut some top shapes and stem shapes from your felt, two per piece. Sew around the stem piece on three sides, leaving one of the short ends open. (no picture!)

Sew together your top pieces, leaving a small gap for the stem.

stuff a bit of poly fil in there! yummm.

Stick the stem in, and sew shut! whala! you’re done. Repeat as desired! Serve ’em up with some butter! yummm. I’m not joking, I LOVE broccoli and cauliflower! and brussel sprouts. hmm.


  1. Fab-u-lous! I was needing some inspiration for an upcoming birthday! Thanks!

  2. Very cute. I never worked with felt before, but I see so many lovely items to make with it I think I should try really soon!

  3. Thanks! Your blog has inspired me to tackle felt food with my kiddos this summer! I linked to your carrots last week!

  4. delicious!

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