I finally made some donuts using the tutorial over on Skip to My Lou. Although I’m not sure Sadie knows what donuts are…she’s never had one! (Rory loves donuts, but we hardly ever eat them…) They are too cute NOT to make though.

Whipped up some more chocolate chip cookies too! These are so easy. I followed this tutorial for the chips, but didn’t stuff them or hand sew, obviously.
So…the felt food obsession continues over here. In the works I’ve also got: a hamburger, bananas, eggplant, corn, squash, waffles, swiss cheese, and more! Yikes. I need some help.


  1. CUTE!! I’ve had those on my “to-do” list as well!! Love how they turned out!! I need to get into the felt food obsession with you!! I better get crackin to get caught up! 😀

  2. Aww, very cute. Wish I had little ones.

  3. More adorable food! I would love to try some, but Macie eats just about everything food or not(seriously, still 1 and wearing 3t clothes), and I don’t need to tempt her with anything else…

  4. Tempting and the calorie content would be bearable with these!

  5. I liked so much!!!

  6. Love the donuts! Sadly, my 2-year old boy loves “nut-nos” and loves to play in his kitchen. I think I will have to make an attempt at the felt food now. I’ve been admiring all of it that you have been posting about lately.

  7. now I have to get my felted wool out and get busy, lol! Elaine

  8. I am STOKED to make some of these for my day care kids!!! I can’t get over these donuts!!! 🙂

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