felt pot sticker tutorial

If you know my family (or have read this post), you know we really call pot stickers Swei Jows. So, of course they had to make an appearance in Sadie’s kitchen!

Here’s how I made them…as usual I am all about the easy felt food, so these are crazy easy. So easy I did a few steps without taking pictures! The scandal!

So, first you’ll cut out a few circles of off white felt-mine were about 4-5 inches wide. Then, fold them in half and stuff a bit of poly fil in, then hot glue or fabric glue them shut.

You could sew them too, but I used glue for the rest, so I just stuck with that. haha! STUCK with that. get it? glue? ok..moving on…
Now you’ll make the “pleats” at the top, smush like so with your fingers to get a crease…
and then, like the photo says, slap some glue there! (also on the other side of the crease you made!)
smoosh! Repeat two more times, one on either side of your middle pleat.
and then tada! You have some cute little pot stickers! yummm.

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  1. Oh, YUM! Your felt potstickers just made my tummy rumble…

    I linked to your tutorial over at Craft Gossip Sewing:


  2. I am loving unofficial felt food week!! I made your chips and bag (without vinyl window) and my girls loved it! Ready to make some more felt food to stock their kitchen!

  3. I first found your blog when I was looking for felt food ideas. But after looking around your blog, I’ve now added several more of your projects to my to-do list. You are awesome!!!

  4. You should make some more swei jows to fill the rest of those chinese food boxes and sell them on Etsy!

  5. AWW! These are so, so cute! I’ll be linking to these. And with that, I now need to get asian food for lunch!

  6. Great idea! My kids have had me making felt food for a while and I was starting to run out of ideas. And LOL, I love your writing style!


  1. […] Thanks to Craftiness Is Not Optional for the felt pot sticker tutorial! […]

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