Snow White sleeves tutorial

  OK, so I said I'd put together a quick tutorial on the Snow White sleeves-so I'm writing it up and posting it so I won't forget! (Like I've ever done that before. heh heh) Alos, sorry about the bad quality of these pics-this was done at night time, obviously! Click below for more!      Here's the basic sleeve shape. To give you an idea … [Read more...]

rapunzel, rapunzel….

....Let down your hair!I just had to make a Rapunzel (from the new Disney movie) dress for Sadie. (had to-meaning...I am very slightly off my rocker when it comes to dress up)  I used this dress as a starting point, but made it a lot simpler-no overlay on the skirt, embroidery, etc. I sewed on some ribbon for the stripey sleeves-love how that … [Read more...]

Far, Far Away week-felt crown tutorial

   Sadie loves dress up lately. Like, won't wear anything else-loves. So I thought I'd add a(nother) crown to her dress up stash. Also, this so handily fits in with the Far, Far Away theme of this week on Punkin Patterns that I was asked to guest post for! ;) It's simple and oh so easy to embellish!  Join in the crown-making fun, won't … [Read more...]

mirror mirror on the wall…

Who's the fairest of them all? In this house-it's Sadie! She definitely has the prettiest clothes of us all. As you can tell, I've been on a dress up kick-I can't resist all that costume fabric on sale at Joanns! This dress only set me Rory back about $4. Can't beat that. Seriously. I'd like to see someone try. ;) I love her little toddler … [Read more...]

new and improved Cinderella dress+Tinkerbell little princess! She totally flipped out when I pulled this out after her nap the other day to show her! She cried OHHH! and then of course proceeded to rip her clothes off and wore it the rest of the day, showing it off to Rory and my sister. I just loove reactions like that! Makes me want to sew dress up all day long! hehe.  You … [Read more...]


I'm blogging over on the SEI Lifestyle blog today about costumes! Some of my favorite memories growing up are of Halloween-dressing up like someone fun, even as an adult. So, it's only fitting that I show you that sneaky peek at our costumes I promised! Take a guess from this pic...ok you already know, right? If you're anything of a … [Read more...]

belle dress

I did it. Just putting it out in the blogosphere made me feel accountable-so tada! I made a Belle dress for the Sadester. She loves it of course. I have a little beef with it. (or more specifically, the way I chose to make it) First, the fabric. Joann's was out of yellow knit, so I made do with cotton. Why did I not use satin or something? Don't … [Read more...]

cinderella dress

sooo....I've been wanting to make Sadie a Cinderella dress-up dress for the longest time, but my first attempt was pretty pathetic, so I scrapped that one and tried again! I got some bridal satin and blue fabric in the remnant bin at Joann's, so this dress cost about $5 to make. nice, right? :D I ended up drafting my own pattern for this dress. I … [Read more...]

Ninny Mouw

Sadie has had quite the love affair with Minnie Mouse (aka Ninny Mouw) so far in her short little life.She had a Minnie Mouse first birthday party, four trips to Disneyland within a year (twice where she got to meet Minnie), carries around her stuffed Minnie almost everywhere she goes (including her high chair for breakfast, baths, the store, etc), … [Read more...]