tiny backpack

*well, jarom and stephanie left this morning for utah. (well, as far as i know, they did.) last night we had a great time looking at jarom’s mission pictures and also old disneyland trip pics. also just hanging out and chatting. there were some tears in the street. (me and steph) also some manly hugs. (rory and jarom) it will be hard not seeing them all the time, but that’s life! we did the same thing. (took off for utah that is.) let’s video chat soon, hey guys?

so…moving on to something i made sadie yesterday. this made me so happy to make. for one thing, it only took an hour. also i got to make another flower. uh, can you say obsessed? ok. i am obsessed! anyways. here’s where i got the pattern and tutorial. (for free! i love this blog!)

i used some of the fabric leftover from her minnie mouse party. (i used it for the background of the photo booth) love it with the blue flower and green button!

sadie loved it and walked around wearing it for like 15 minutes. then she busied herself filling it with blocks and such. (it does have my half empty bag of poly fil in it)

i saved some time by using some webbing i had for the straps, but i would probably use some not-so-thick webbing next time, or just use the fabric straps explained in the tutorial. the webbing is a little stiff for the material, even with the interfacing.

all in all, a quick and satisfying little project, completed in less than one naptime! you can’t ask for anything better than that, craft project-wise.

well, off to the elliptical and glee from wednesday. then rory and i are going car shopping. my car’s transmission pretty much gave out from this last disneyland trip. we’re were hoping it would last longer, but oh well.

then tonight is our ward’s fantastic friday. cassy and i are teaching the nursing cover class, and also making chocolates. yum!

hope you all have an awesome weekend!


  1. You are the most “productive during naptme” person I know! I really admire how much you can fit into one day! You’re awesome! And I love the backpack–the fabric and flower go together so well!

  2. I love the bright colors and that flower is just darling!! I am running right over to that tut. I would love to make one and put it on a bag or hat;)

  3. Super cute backpack! I wish my girls took naps of any length of time. The colors of the backpack are super cute!

  4. Cute bag! I think that is my next project now 🙂

  5. so so cute! i want one!!!

  6. What a talent and what a lucky little girl. I am so inspired by your blog but I have no idea how to sew! I better get busy!

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