KCW: polka dot chambray peasant dress

polka dot chambray peasant dress

I was talking to my best friend the other day about how I don’t like sewing with solids/basic patterned fabric. But in the end, they are usually my favorite pieces since they’re so simple and versatile.

I think the problem is that I have an obsession with prints…and especially sewing with them. It makes it more fun when it’s with a brightly colored print, amiright?

But then I end up with a lot of patterned pieces and not a lot to pair them with.

So I challenged myself to sew up something simple.

polka dot chambray peasant dress

even though this is still technically patterned, the polka dots are so tiny that I think it counts as, if not a solid, then a basic print.

polka dot chambray peasant dress


polka dot chambray peasant dress

I’m in love with it!

Recovering pattern-aholics chime in-do simple fabrics float your boat?

polka dot chambray peasant dress

Ok, details about the pattern-it’s this “vintage” CINO guest post by the lovely Vanessa of LBG Studios, and I’ve wanted to make a new one ever since I made my first.

While I was sewing it up I realized it’s similar to the Lulu dress!

polka dot chambray peasant dress

The polka dot fabric I think is from Hobby Lobby, it’s a bit like a chambray, fairly lightweight for summertime!

polka dot chambray peasant dress

I tacked down a bit of bubble trim to tie in a bow..

polka dot chambray peasant dress

and it was a hit! for both of us, luckily! ๐Ÿ˜‰

polka dot chambray peasant dress



  1. Oh stop, too cute. I keep seeing this sort of polka dot chambray popping up in blogland and I’m kind of obsessed…it’s great! I bet she will get TONS of wear out of this one. And yeah, I’m with you that prints are more fun to buy, but I can never hang onto my solids because I reach for them so often! Especially when I’m sewing for myself.

  2. Ooh, I love the addition of the trim! How fun! I like both wild prints and very plain things. I’m not much of a fan of the middle of the road I guess.

  3. Michelle says

    So cute! What method did you use to add the waist casing? I love this fabric-it looks so classic!

    • I used a 3/4″ seam allowance and then pressed it up and sewed along the top for the 1/4″ elastic casing ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Well done for resisting the print temptation. The dress really does look classic in this fabric! So sweet and classy….

  5. Crafty Diana says

    Oh my goodness! Uber cuteness. Of course, I wonder if it would be extra cute as a mom- daughter set…. wonder if we would be so cute. ๐Ÿ™‚
    I love that you love prints cause I’m so trying to get over my fear of using one direction prints.

  6. So cute! And I totally agree – I love buying and sewing with cute prints, but my favorite pieces are always the ones made with more simple fabric.

  7. Yep. I’m so guilty of buying and making patterned things that then rarely get worn bc there’s nothing to match with them. Esp for the boys. But I’m working really hard to be better at that!! I love this sweet simple dress!!

  8. I love that fabric! Perfect for a sweet and simple dress like this!
    I generally use prints for my kids and solids for myself- but I realized a few weeks ago that my kids really need some solid basics! And my wardrobe could use a few more fun fabrics.

  9. Love it!

  10. so cute. of course I’m biased as I just made one that is so similar. peasant dress pattern with a (sorta fail) bubble skirt out of polka dot chambray. no pockets though. And just a pink bow at the waist. =) love love love the basic polka dot chambray look. maybe the love comes from the fabric letting the pattern and the little one wearing it shine!

  11. This is absolutely adorable, and for beige-y old me, that is definitely a print! I have bought some prints but they tend to stagnate in the stash as it’s just not my style to use them. I guess I should organise a fabric swap… Or just sew CINO style one day. I’ll probably love the result.

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