KCWC: Leia is my homegirl cap sleeved tee (and a striped one)

I have one more KCWC outfit after this tee, almost done with the posts for that, I had so much fun!

OK, so this tee is definitely a wish-I’d-sewn-it-for-myself type of project! Rory and I are huge Star Wars fans, but not having any boys is cramping his style. Or so he thinks. I’m doing my best to indoctrinate our girly girls about SW mythology, by having them memorizeΒ  read this awesome book,(affiliate link) so they know a lot of the characters, and of course, Sadie loves Princess Leia, having dressed as her for Halloween a few years back. I don’t generally like tees with things written on them, but I can make an exception for awesome Star Wars ones. (no-brainer)

So when I saw this awesome tee, I had to do my own version with the heroine of the story! I used Transfer Artist Paper (TAP) (affiliate link) which is fantastic stuff. You can basically color, print, write whatever you want to it, then transfer it with your iron to the fabric. The results are amazing! Just make sure you mirror image your words before printing…don’t ask me how I know or how I ruined a whole page once….grr. Anyways, I love playing around with it and have been meaning to post about the things I’ve made with it.

I found an image online of Leia and edited it in Lightroom to be a bit more contrast-y, and then used a free Star Wars font for the wordage. (truth, I’ve had it on my computer for years) I do wish I’d lowered the words a half inch, but oh well! What’s done is done!


She was getting into having a big tall ponytail to swing around, as you can tell! She’s loving all the high buns and ponys we’ve been doing lately! I should’ve put her in Leia buns for the shoot, as Kristin pointed out on Instagram! Missed opportunity! darn. (catch all my latest happenings there: username is craftinessisnotoptional)

I made the shirt using my self drafted cap sleeve pattern-it fits her really well. Used some white interlock from Joanns.

Aaaand….another simple cap sleeved tee, in this awesome mustard striped fabric from Girl Charlee.



  1. Hi Jess, I’m really curious about the TAP you used… does it just transfer the ink to your fabric or is it an iron-on where you print on the white plasticy stuff and iron it on…? I don’t see any border on your t-shirt… it looks great!!! Thx!

  2. Everything you make is crazily cute. Nicely done!

  3. Tell Rory it will all work out. My girls (10 and 13)have watched Star Wars, C.S. Lewis movies, Harry Potter, etc. I saw a funny note the other day that said now that Disney owns Star Wars isn’t Princess Leia a Disney Princess? HA!

  4. So much personality! πŸ™‚

  5. That. Is. Awesome.

  6. So awesome I can’t stand it!!

  7. Love this tee! Amazing =)


  8. I am crossing my fingers for a tutorial on that cap sleeved tee! It is TOO darling. Can we expect anything of the sort in the near future?

  9. Love that Leia shirt. We have fun with Star Wars over here too…but of course no Leia with my rowdy boys. I am gonna have to look into that Transfer Artist Paper!

  10. I HAVE to get some of this paper – how cool!!!! ANd both shirts are so cute and sweet. That is next on my list for baby girl – basic T’s for play and PJ tops… I really need to get on it ;op

  11. So cute!! I love your self-drafted pattern, those cap sleeves are adorable. Love everything about this, including the spunky little girl flipping her hair around πŸ™‚

  12. I’m curious about the TAP too! Could you do a post on how you did the picture transfer? πŸ™‚ SO CUTE!

  13. I’m curious about the Tap paper, too. I just did some t-shirts for my kids birthday with iron-on inkjet transfer paper and the images were cracked by the end of their party, I was so irritated.

  14. This is probably THE cutest thing I’ve ever seen and I want one for myself, I mean my daughter too πŸ˜‰
    SO excited they’re doing another movie!

  15. I love it!!

  16. SO amazing – you’ve made an astounding number of fabulous clothes and I’m overcome with awe. You are a rock star!!

  17. Yay!!! This shirt is fab-bu-lous! I’ve heard about this TAP paper but haven’t broken down to try it yet (too chicken) pretty please do a tutorial

  18. Fantastic!!

  19. Cute shirts, and I love the pony-flipping photos. =)
    That TAP sounds really cool… I already have fun with printable transfer paper, but I’ve never heard of a version you can write/draw/paint on and then transfer. I think I need some. πŸ˜‰

  20. Gosh, I love the high-ponytail swings. She is too cute. Great shirts! I’m going to have to try that TAP paper.

  21. Teehee, look how dang happy Sadie is in her Leia shirt! You’re such a good nerdy mama. πŸ˜€

    (you can still post a leia bun head with shirt on photo to IG if you wanna…just sayin…)

  22. I love them both! Sadie is the cutest little model!!

  23. My husband grew up on Star Wars and has tons of toys he’s collected over the years, and my 4 and 2 year old girls decided on their own that they loved Star Wars too. They would both think this shirt is the coolest thing ever. Violet wears the At At shirt I made for her just about every day and is asking for a chewbacca one, which I think she means has a strap going from the shoulder down to her waist like him. Lol. And my 4 year old princess wears her Leia dress I made all the time even though she’s pretty much grown out of it. The “bun hat” from halloween that looks hilarious on her gets worn in public way more than I should probably allow. haha.

    The other day I heard them playing a game called “Han and Leia are swimming through the poisonous water” Lol!!

  24. My husband is also feeling it with the lack of boys – we have 5 girls. He was totally sick of the Disney princesses one day and introduced them to Star Wars by telling them it was a princess movie, and they totally went for it. HA!

  25. Even my boys think that is soooo cool. Feel free to make star wars stuff for my boys they are mad on it. They were just outside fighting droids. lol.

  26. Love love love love lovvvvvvvvve!

  27. I was looking on Girl Charlie at that mustard striped but then it said it was light weight and I worried about it holding up. How has it done? I have an active 18 month old girl that needs fabric that is as energetic and durable as her.

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