grey and pink floral bombshell suit

grey and pink floral bombshell suit

I made a swimsuit, guys. FOR ME. I am all kinds of happy with this suit….not so happy about posting pictures of myself in a swimsuit online…ha…ha…haaaa.

I have issues like anyone else…but let’s talk about the sewing, cause that’s more fun.

you may have recognized this as the Bombshell Suit pattern by Closet Case Patterns.

I enjoyed the pattern a lot-the sewing was actually not too bad and I learned some new skillz…

the bombshell sew-along directions were more helpful than the patterns…I don’t really get that, I’d rather it all be in the pattern file, but oh well. it wasn’t too hard to find.

grey and pink floral bombshell suit

the sizing was spot on for my measurements, and fit great, even though it looked so small on my cutting table… (negative ease ya know πŸ˜‰

I sewed up View A and sewed instead of the ties, a simple band with elastic in it around my neck…of course forgot to move my darn hair out of the way for a pic. It’s supported, trust me.

(not that there’s much to support anymore…lol)

I did sew in some foam cups from Joanns though…

grey and pink floral bombshell suit

I LOVE the ruching on the sides and back-so flattering! and the whole retro vibe of the suit I really loved.

the front (skirt looking part) of the suit I especially loved-modest and cute!

I sewed it from this amazing Italian swimwear material…it’s really gorgeous high quality stuff.

I have quite a bit left so I’ll definitely be making a suit for at least one of my girls out of it!

it’s just too cute to waste!

so basically, loved the whole process of making this suit (only took a day!), loved that I crossed something off my sewing bucket list that I always thought was SO unattainable…and have a cute, COMFY suit to wear now!

Yes, I wore it all day, including the ride to and from the beach, and had no complaints…no riding up if you know what I mean…

grey and pink floral bombshell suitI’ll leave you with this awkward pose.

pin up model I am not!

I mostly just look confused..


  1. Your new suit looks great! And yay you for being brave enough to show pics of it on! πŸ™‚

  2. Gah, perfection! Congrats on making an adult bathing suit, that seems like such a feat to me. I’d love a suit with this shape and cut. And fabric. And while we’re at it I’ll take your smooth thighs too, ha! Well done lady!!

  3. dude!!! you look amazing!!! I love it and it’s totally amazing. You should be so proud!!

  4. ooooo you posted it!! looks amazing on you, and i’m super impressed you made yourself a suit. you look awesome! as betty draper would say “can you believe i’ve had three children??” πŸ˜‰

  5. Jess, your new swimsuit is so cute! Congrats on checking it off your list of things to sew…I have rashguards (swim shirts) on my list and just got my fabric in the mail. Can’t wait to sew it up. πŸ™‚ And by the way, you look adorable!

  6. Jess, this is awesome! I love the fabric, and the suit looks so well done. Plus, you look great!

  7. I just finished my bombshell suit last weekend, but haven’t had a chance to take photos yet. I love your grey/floral fabric and I’m impressed that you got yours done in a day. Mine took three, but it was my first time sewing a swimsuit ever. Did you actually go into the water with it? I’m wondering how the bust part with hold up, as I think I may have to redo my top elastic tighter.

  8. I am in awe. I barely ever post pictures of myself full stop, let alone in a swimsuit! To cap it all off you look really amazing. Fantastic costume and fantastic figure!

  9. Oh, you look so great! LOVE that suit!

  10. I really wish I’d nabbed some of this fabric before it disappeared…. it’s perfect! Great job sewing a swimsuit for you! I don’t wear classic swimsuits, so I’d need….. a pattern that doesn’t exist and quite a bit more fabric to make one for me. You are really cute!

  11. Jess, I have to say you are so talented and beautiful. Every time I am looking for inspiration, a tutorial, or pattern I always end up at your site! Thank you for sharing all your talent !!!

  12. It looks great! I love this pattern – it’s so flattering and I absolutely agree with you on the comfy!

  13. awesome suit! i sewed up a maternity suit for myself last year from the cotton and curls website tutorial and ordered some cups from joanns but they were totally pointed, HA! so i didn’t use them and just dealt with the sag. but i’d love to know what type you used. thanks!

  14. I am so impressed with your abilities. This IS flattering. Do you use a serger when you sew with knits?

  15. I love reading your posts Jess, you are always so relatable and REAL. You looks fabulous in this swimsuit, I am so proud of you. WAY TO GO JESS!! WOO HOOOOOOOOO!!! (Cheer squad, right here). Love ya girl – you are awesome πŸ™‚

  16. AWESOME JESS!!! Good on you, you look great! x

  17. Jess, you look gorgeous in your new swimsuit! Love the fabric. it always feels nice to finally make something you wanted to for a while, hey πŸ™‚

  18. Girl, you look fantastic! Lovely swimsuit!

  19. Well I always thought Marilyn looked half asleep, so I’ll take your baffled bombshell pose any day!
    Well done, Great suit, brave blogpost, awesome sewing.

  20. YOU ARE GORGEOUS!!! Definitely so, so flattering, love every part of this swimsuit.

  21. Jess!! Whaaaat! The swimsuit is adorable, but not half as adorable as YOU ARE! I can’t believe how brave and beautiful you are. Love you so much!!

  22. You did it! And you totally look awesome. Love the suit.

    I can’t stop thinking about sewing myself some clothes since our chat! Now must move on from thinking to actually doing…

  23. You’re a liar; you do look like a model. πŸ™‚ fabulous as always!

  24. Good for you! You look spectacular!!!!

  25. It looks wonderful! I love the fabric and it’s super flattering on you!

  26. You look super HOT!

  27. This is amazing!! Wow – so super impressed. Love your swimsuit, and your fabric choice is perfect! Too bad they’re all sold out now . . .

  28. You’re still so inspiring Jess! You did an amazing job on the swimsuit and you”re totally rocking it! Can’t wait to see the next project! πŸ™‚

  29. You look super super cute! Love the fabric too!

  30. I have a red and white polkadot swimsuit in that same style. Love the fabric you chose! Lovely!

  31. Christine Danneels says

    Oooohhhh yesss; really classy and so feminine !
    Kind regards,

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