YOTB dusty blue lumberjack hat

YOTB dusty blue lumberjack hat

Here’s the thing about this hat. Jack absolutely despises it…

He was crying most of the time he wore it for pics and we only got some pictures because I gave him so many gummy bears.

BUT I think he looks adorable in it and I hope that he wears it without freaking out eventually.

YOTB dusty blue lumberjack hat

I used Delia’s adorable and free pattern, and bought the corduroy and faux sherpa from Joann. The pattern and hat came together really easily and quickly! I loved how it turned out.

YOTB dusty blue lumberjack hat

This little guy is so adorable!

YOTB dusty blue lumberjack hat

I always love sewing smaller projects like this because they are so satisfying. (even when the intended recipient is less than pleased haha)

So quick to make, and I love being able to say I made a hat. hats are somehow pretty impressive to have made.

YOTB dusty blue lumberjack hat


  1. This hat is way too cute. I need a hat like this 😂. You are inspiring me to see more for my girls again.

  2. Barbara J says:

    Oh my goodness. Thanks so much for posting this and the link to the pattern. I have three grandsons – following two granddaughters – and they have all worn the same lumberjack hat as they got to the right size. Now I can make them NEW ones…and one for each of them. I am following your YOTB with great pleasure, picking up wonderful inspiration. I love sewing for the girls and want to do the same for the boys beyond the basic pajama.

  3. Aww!! Cute cute Jack! Hopefully it grows on him. 😉 ha! That corduroy is perfect. Thank you for sharing my pattern. <3

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