ric rac dress for Charlotte

 Well, I had some of that lovely fabric leftover from Sadie’s dress, so of course I had to make a little matchy-matchy dress for little sis Charlotte! I made it slightly similar (the sleeves and buttons) but a different style at least.
It’s basically a Charlotte dress with a Circle skirt attached. Pretty straight-forward! The headband is a tee shirt headband, and the flower is just some felt cut and glued together to a clip.
I wanted to put some ric rac around the front at the waist, but I was out of the aqua and didn’t want to wait to finish the dress.
I’m somewhat a speed seamstress-if it can’t be done within a nap time or two, I lose interest. Seriously. Guess I should work on my patience. lol!
I love how the circle skirt hangs-so pretty!
And here are the sister dresses side by side. What cuteness. 
 Here’s a quick shot I got before church yesterday.
Sadie was pretty much ecstatic that Charlotte was matching her. She loves matching colors and things lately-like she get super excited if the food she’s eating matches her shirt. What a silly cookie! love it.
I’ll be posting the ric rac dress tutorial tomorrow! see you then. :o)
Oh but first, do go and check out this week’s projects over on One Month to Win It! It’s Spring Cleaning week and I can’t wait to see the other projects!

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  1. very pretty, they look adorable! thank you for sharing,Amy

  2. Now that’s just precious. I love the dresses!

  3. So cute! :) Great job.

  4. Your girls are just precious!! I’m super impressed with your ability to churn out dresses so quickly. My 4 year old is just like Sadie, loves it when mommy makes her a dress and thinks it’s super cool to match her little sister (age 2). :) Adorable dresses and beautiful models!!!

  5. My girls love to match too! Your littlest looked like a doll in the thumbnail!! They are precious.

  6. Oh my gosh you have the most beautiful little girls! I can’t believe Charlotte is already as big as she is. I feel like you were just posting about having her!

    Gorgeous dresses as always!


  7. I love the little “thinker” pose with her finger up to her chin.
    And they’re adorable–matchy without being cheesy.

  8. I swear, if they were any more adorable I would die! :) SOOOO cute!

  9. I swear, if they were any more adorable I would die! :) SOOOO cute!

  10. I swear, if they were any more adorable I would die! :) SOOOO cute!

  11. I swear, if they were any more adorable I would die! :) SOOOO cute!

  12. I swear, if they were any more adorable I would die! :) SOOOO cute!

  13. I swear, if they were any more adorable I would die! :) SOOOO cute!

  14. I swear, if they were any more adorable I would die! :) SOOOO cute!

  15. I swear, if they were any more adorable I would die! :) SOOOO cute!

  16. Oh my gosh everytime you post I am impressed and amazed! I love your little dresses, you always inspire me! Thank you!

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  18. I too have to have crafts done in a nap or 2. very cute dresses! I’m scared of doing sleeves – but am going now to take a look at your tutorial, maybe I’ll brave them!

  19. Do you promise C is for real? Because in that “finger in the mouth” pose, she totally looks like a really cute version of those “lifelike babies” you see for sale in magazines. Are you sure you aren’t making 5 easy payments of 19.95?

    um, the dress is adorable per usual too. i bet the nursery workers at church flipped out :)

  20. Um, could this be any cuter?! (The answer is no, by the way…) Darling! I think I’m going to have to go fabric hunting (as if I need a reason, ha ha) to make a dress for my little! Eeeeep! SO cute!

  21. I love those dresses, and Charlotte’s “thoughtful” pose, but most of all…THOSE CHEEKS! Ohmyword, she is so adorable.

  22. Cutest girls ever! Seriously they could not be cuter in those dresses.

  23. Oh my goodness, those are some adorable little dresses! Your girls are SO adorable. I have two little girls, it is so much fun!

  24. Ummm hello….cutest kids ever!! Now I feel terrible because I have kids of my own lol but wow your girls sure do look gorgeous in their little dresses x

  25. They’re adorable! I love that they match without being exactly the same.

  26. LOVE IT! Charlotte’s getting so big! Any tips for hemming the skirt?

  27. Beautiful beautiful beaultiful,girl’s beautiful,,sory,no speak english,kissys and kissys.by!!

  28. So cute!

  29. So adorable! And I love the little headband, too. The two dresses together are just too much!

  30. Thank goodness you included a picture of the dress by itself. I would have missed it all together, couldn’t stop looking at that precious little girl!

  31. Having two girls is lovely isn’t it?! I love matching :)

  32. Very cute! You’ve got my vote;)

  33. Super adorable. I love that they match, but that they’re not exactly the same. What cute (and well-dressed) girls you have!

  34. I love this! I hope you keep all the match-y stuff ( well all your beautiful things) for when they are older. They are going to be so impressed! :)

  35. I’m a bit slow, but I finally made and posted about my “charlotte” dress! (by the way, LOVE the name Charlotte :) )


  36. Okay, you have the CUTEST designs!

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