shop til you drop

so, last night at 10:30 i got an idea. (as all good ideas start out…late at night when i should be thinking about bed)

an idea for a cute shopping bag to put sadie’s felt/fabric/wooden food in. for when she needs to go “shopping”. of course.

so, here’s what came of that idea! i used my own tote bag tutorial, only made it much smaller.

added some tiny letters with head n bond…

and of course i made it reversible! with my (one and only) pretty vintage sheet. lovely!

oh, i got the wooden fruit at target…regularly $9.99, but the packaging was damaged, so the cashier gave it to me for 99 cents. no joke! sadie loves pulling it apart. (it velcros together)

not too shabby for a quick project. (well, the letters were not so quick. those suckers were tiny!)


  1. So cute! You’re definitely an idea girl! I love hearing what you come up with and seeing all of your creations! Oh, and congrats on such an awesome deal! :)

  2. Well, if she’s anything like my girl she’ll never have enough purses for shopping!

  3. I can just picture Sadie carrying around the grocery bag on her shoulder. So cute.

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