hat. baby.

I bought this hat a long time ago in the dollar section at Target. It was a cute color, and an impulse buy…as most $1 purchases are.

Well, it finally fits her!

Alas, she pulls it off every. time.

What to do? (epiphany) Sew some straps on! It’s not brain surgery folks. You can see the pieces I cut out in the picture above. I used the same fabric that’s covering my ironing board so it blends in. :)

10 minutes later I had some straps! (I know it was 10 minutes cause I put some cookies in the oven and they were done a tad before I was with the straps.) Can’t beat using what you have for an actual need!

In something funny news, I took this picture of Sadie today cause she was smiling so cute, and remembered we had one of her in her car seat when she was 2 days old.

How funny! I wish I had one pulled back, cause she was TINY. Her head was pretty much where her shoulders are now. Anyways.

Here’s Sadie being silly…and showing off her butterfly and elephant impressions.


  1. I love the comparison of Sadie in the car seat. She is sooo cute!
    She’s a smart little girl.

  2. Love that fabric and the cute beach hat!! Sadie is such a cutie and getting so big, She will be climbing out of her crib before you know it!!!

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