Today was Sadie’s first trip to the Monterey Bay Aquarium…and she loved parts of it.

Like the penguins.

and the touching stuff part…don’t worry, that starfish is made of rubber.

she also enjoyed hanging out with Ezra in a cozy giant clam for two.

I think the rocking fishie was her favorite. Now I know where she gets her scrinchy grin from!

She didn’t even mind when I hopped on with her.

Again with the touching stuff…she loved the seaweed, she would have stayed there for a long time but she was getting splashy…any water around and she thinks it’s bath time!

It was a gorgeous day…Sadie got a stuffed seahorse and this awesome book in the gift shop. This was one of my favorite books growing up, I have great memories of reading it with my Grandma Lance.

On the way home we bought a flat of strawberries that were AMAZING…and had a pizza party with Rory’s family.

Sadie ate like four or five.
and fed herself some melon. yum!


  1. so cute, so fun, love the scrinchy grin!

  2. We love the aquarium. We have season passes and go whenever we get the chance.
    So glad you had fun.

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