berry cute

Sorry about the title, I couldn’t help it. I saw this tutorial and just had to make some of these oh so cute strawberries. For Sadie of course. I want to get her a kitchen play set for Christmas, so I’m working on felt/fabric food for her to play with. So far, I have these strawberries and two sugar cookies.

This morning, Janae and I went to the library’s monthly book sale. We made out like bandits. They’re building a new library soon, so I think they’re really looking to clear out. I got all of these books for $3. Yes, $3. They didn’t have a lot of kids books, in fact, a lady had cleared them all out. I glared at her. But I found a few holiday ones and some fun history books.


  1. Sweet deal!! Let me know the next time they have that sale I totally want to go!

  2. Cute strawberries, what a great find at the library!! How fun to have a new library with lot’s of brand new books:)

  3. Love the strawberries! I can’t wait to see all the other food you will make.
    You always find the best deals!

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