Girls night out

Last night we partied hard. Boys left around 5 and we went crazy! Well, not really. We still had fun…we went to OD’s for dinner, and took up the whole back room. They weren’t that busy, I was surprised, but they haven’t been doing dinner for awhile, so I guess that’s why?

We had quite the group! Joanna, Janae, Robyn (My uncle Shawn’s cute new wife!), Julia, Sadie, Grandma, my Aunt Sally (visiting from Utah), Stephanie, my mom, and yours truly.

Joanna thought giving Sadie water with the straw trick was hilarious. It kind of was.

So, that’s me. and my mom.

Sadie started playing with the sugar packets after she was done…see video below.

Snuggling with Great Grandma Lance!

Sadie thought that throwing the sugar packets on the floor and making Aunt Nae Nae pick them up was hil.a.rious. It soo was! She has the cutest laugh! (pause music at the bottom to hear!)


  1. Oh my goodness!! That video of Sadie is so cute! I had to giggle also! I was surprised to see Sally there as well! Super cool. Looks like yall had a great time.

  2. So fun! Good to see that you didn’t let Rory’s absence bring you down. (haha, like that would really slow YOU down!) So fun! You guys are all so cute and Sadie is, of course, adorable!

  3. You girls have so much fun together I love it!!! Sadie is such a cutie;)

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