a dress masquerading as a shirt!

During a quick trip to Goodwill with my sisters yesterday, I found, among an awesome set of framed “season” prints, this cute Target reject shirt for $4. I loved the print, but the shirt wouldn’t have really worked for me. I decided to get it and make a skirt or something for Sadie out of it.

Then after studying it for a bit, I thought, hey maybe I could make a dress out of it! why not try? So, I took pictures so you all could see my triumph,….or failure.

Just keeping it real.

So, here’s where I made my cut. I do wish I’d made it higher up, but oh well! Hindsight is 20/20, or whatever that saying is. (sorry about the bad pictures, it was at night obviously. 90% of the time that’s when I sew, oh and check out the fancy left handed picture taking!)

Freshly chopped up shirt! If anything, it can still be a skirt! That’s what I kept telling myself. Nothin’ to lose.

I trimmed off the sides (to be the sleeve edges, it worked out like binding for me)

Pinned and sewed them.

Pinned and sewed the back panel so it would have a finished edge.

Then put right sides together, pleated a few places, sewed her up, and whala! (I thought) I was done! But how would her noggin get through that small hole, with no stretch?


I did say I’d show you my failures folks. It ain’t always pretty.

So, what else to do, but MacGyver a button panel from the top of the shirt?

Somehow, and I still do not know how, it worked!

Of course, she hasn’t tried it on yet, and the armholes might be too small….but it looks like a dress! (ish)

Will let you know if it fits, and/or if it ends up as a skirt after all!


  1. that is such a cool idea!! great job!!

  2. I saw that same shirt at Goodwill and almost bought it. hehe. Nice job with the refab!

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