Rainy days…

It rained ALL. DAY. TODAY. Which is fine with me, we need the rain bad! It made for a cozy day spent watching TV, playing with Sadie, working on some orders, enjoying some lunch, napping, reading to Sadie, watching Sadie eat her book, and playing with Aunt Nae Nae. She has been sorely missed round these parts! She’s been sick for the past week or two, and is feeling much better now! We of course, had to make some cupcakes! It’s a recipe I’m trying out for Stephanie’s bridal shower we’re throwing her down here. Shh…it’s a secret. Just kidding. Anyways….I made this recipe… with this frosting, and Oh boy they’re A-MAZING! YUmmm. I only wish I had eaten a whole one before going to the dentist. I got one side of my mouth all numbed up for my cavities…so I still can’t feel my right side and boy, was eating dinner fun today! lol. I’m hoping it will wear off soon so I can enjoy one before too long.

Edit: Cupcake time! My mouth is almost back to normal…close enough!

We’re goofy but cool. Except not very cool.

Sadie loves her sippy cup…she’s been having trouble getting anything out of it lately….

No problems today…she figured out how to throw her head back for some wa-wa action. This picture cracks me up!


  1. CUTE!!!

  2. That last picture is hilarious!! We haven’t tried a sippy cup with Ellie yet…better get on that! Those cupcakes look yummy. I’ll have to jot down the recipe! MMMM

  3. That’s awesome! She looks a little like a baby drunk. hehe.

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