no clever title today

Not that I’m ever clever really. I just like to think I am, so humor me. ok? ok. This is me today:

rushing around making pizza for two lazy bums. (R and Nae)

meanwhile baby tries to eat my camera

and generally wreak havoc

while these guys were zoned out in front of the Wii, I was finishing up this project:

I finally found an oval frame today, at Goodwill, for $2! awesome.

Look at us, just happy on the wall. :-)now I just need something to put in front of that ugly vent. A bench I am thinking…


  1. So cute! I love how they turned out…and awesome find with those oval frames! 😉

  2. Your silhouettes turned out so darling. I have an idea for your grates….look at Lowes or Home Deopt, they have cool old fashioned grills that look really awesome!

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