Whirlwind day

This morning was Rory’s morning to sleep in, so Sadie and I got up and watched some HGTV together. It was great quality bonding time. She especially enjoys Designed to Sell, Lisa LaPorta is her fav designer! Rory eventually got up and we slowly got ready for the day, as Rory cleaned out our garage-yay!-and made a dump run. Go hun! Rory’s parents took us out for lunch at Famous Dave’s (aka Rory’s obsession) and that was, of course, yummy!

Sadie with Grandpa Christian’s hat-doesn’t she look cute?

Then we headed to Target for stocking stuffers. For me. Yes, I buy most of my own presents. Sad?, yes-a bit. I do get what I want for sure however. hehe. Then I made this awesome corn chowder and we took it to our ward Christmas party. Most of it was gone when we left, so…good stuff I suppose! Thanks, Ina, for making me look good.

And yes, we dressed up for the biblical theme. Rory even jumped in on the fun. Notice his finely crafted towel and tie headress. hehe! I wasn’t planning on it, but Janae pushed me over the edge right before we left. You only live once, right?

Also, I am making these again.


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  2. That is so wierd you can’t see the vidoes. Have you tried using Mozilla instead of Internet Explorer? Looks like you had a fun day!

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