It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

It seems like Christmas is rushing towards us like a crazy fast train! We did get the house all decorated, although I still have some ideas I want to play around with…more pics to come of that. We took some family pictures for Christmas cards yesterday, and they came out pretty cute! Ordered them today…thank goodness we had a few with Sadie smiling…cause she’s so gosh darn cute when she does!

Said cute smile!

One of my family’s “silly” pictures. I like these better than the posed ones…one year my mom sent out our crazy one…everybody loved it!

Our real tree in the living room…silver and red theme….we’re so grown up with a “theme”. hah.

some more (slightly pitiful) decorations…we don’t have a mantle…so Command hooks to the rescue!


  1. It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! Give my a hoot-hoot for the holidays. Love the silly pic of your family. You need to frame the one of you, Rory, and Sadie.

  2. SO fun taking Christmas pictures. IS your “themed” tree for the front window? So cute-sy. hehe.

  3. Cute pictures!!! that one of your cute little family is perfect! so cute! i love that i was there for all of that so i can look at these pictures and say “hey, I was there!!” he he silly me :) I had so much fun last week and i’m so glad i was able to spend that time with your family! I’m excited to live there and be able to spend more time with you all and be a part of your family!! Woot woot!!

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