Bouncing Wreaths

Yesterday at Kim’s house, all the cool kids were getting in the bouncer. So Sadie of course had to try out Payton’s bouncer. Being only her second time on a bouncer, she was still a little hesitant, but she had some fun bouncing…and also just “hanging” out. Being around two older babies make her adorably shy! We really want to get her one of these! Christmas is coming up….

I made this wreath today…my fourth this holiday season…I just love wreaths! I got the idea from this blog, and picked up a foam wreath at the dollar store. Holla for the dolla store. haha. Just kidding. But not really. The dollar store is awesome.


  1. The dollar store IS awesome. I find a lot of my treasures there. Love the wreath–such a fun idea!

    I should try Ellie in one of those bouncers…I bet she would go nuts! 😉

  2. I love that idea. Your wreath looks so professional! Amelia loved her jumperoo! I’d probably try to find it used since the jumperoo is pretty expensive

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