Pictures are fuN!

Settler of Catan is so fun ,but usually takes a long time to play…

Especially when you’re busy eating chocolaty peanut butter cookies..yum!

Rory ended up winning, what a punk! just kidding, that’s why I’m usually on his team when we play. He’s good at this game!

Today we went to the park again for a picnic and to enjoy the beautiful weather we’ve been having…it IS the middle of November right? You could’ve fooled me!

Sadie getting some support from Daddy… (and look at that red hair!)

Just chillin out! What a cutie!


  1. You have a 3 month old baby?!?!?! I don’t even believe it! She is the cutest!!! About the stuff from my blog-There was white powder sent to the temples this last week. All LA bishops were notified and ahd to be on alert. Plus I hear that for December’s testimony meeting the protesters will be going inside the church to voice their opinions at the pulpit. Obviously the guys in the churches wont allow it, but it will cause a ruckus and it could get scary. I’m just planning my attack. Yes, I will call the police in the chapel if any of that stuff happens. They’ve already done it in Catholic churches, so it wouldn’t suprise me if they try to do it at ours. We went to the temple today and there was swat teams and a billion police guarding the gates. It’s rude and it’s getting old. I just had to vent. It’s times like these when I really hate SF.

  2. Sounds like a fun day! You do, however, look quite possessed by that cookie. hehe.

  3. that was super dooper fun!!!! happy now?? gosh me comment? puah! haha just kidding!

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