Sadie and her Bumbo

hehe Kim is going to laugh at me for already posting about this…but I have no life besides Sadie and Rory, so oh well! Anyways, the story is, my friend Kim found this Bumbo chair for me at a garage sale today for $8! Mind you, these chairs are $40 at Walmart-I checked! Soo cool, and Sadie loves it!

Just for fun, here’s a picture of us in case you’ve forgotten what we look like. Most of the pictures lately are of Sadie. Obviously. As you can see, Sadie is much cuter than our tired mugs. hehe.

We’re thinking…ZZZzzzzzz. Well I was at least, I can’t speak for Rory.


  1. That is the coolest chair! You guys look cute even though you are tired parents! Love the countdown clock!!

  2. What an awesome deal on that Bumbo! We’ve got to get one of those for Ella. Sadie looks so grown up sitting in it! What a cutie! And I love your Twilight countdown! Can’t wait to see it either!

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