Licensed to eat Sushi

Yesterday was my mom’s birthday. 😀

HAppy Birthday Mom!

We celebrated by going to the DMV, since both of us needed to renew our licenses. I got to take a new picture! Yay! No more picture from when I was fifteen with frizzy summer hair and a bag slung over my shoulder. Of course, I don’t think this one will be much better. Isn’t there a rule that license pictures have to be awful? Oh well. Then we headed up to Todai’s for some lunch. Todai’s is an all you can eat sushi place. I ate all I could! yummmm…they had added a bunch of new rolls. It was deliciouso!

Yup, I ate all this! whoa I was full!

Also, while we were waiting for the restaurant to open, we went to Payless, and they were having Bogo, so I got two pairs of cute shoes for $13! love it. Later we went shopping with Aunt Nae Nae and got a cute polka dot dress and cardigan for the Sadester. AFter a potato dinner we had some yummy cheesecake for my mom’s b-day. mmm.

bored waiting at a light.

Then after Rory went to Mutual, Sadie and I had a traumatic experience. I was clipping her fingernails…(can you see where this is going?) and clipped her finger tip. We were both sobbing, her from pain, and me from guilt and sadness. It was awful. It was bleeding a lot and I was freaking out cause Rory wasn’t home, so I called my Mom and through the sobbing she figured out what had happened and came right over to help me. Mom to the rescue! We got the bleeding and crying stopped, and Sadie passed out from tiredness. She woke up an hour later to eat cause she didn’t have a chance to before Mommy maimed her. She did sleep til 5 in the morning after that. Anyways, we’re both doing better, her probably more so than me. lol. Poor baby!


  1. baby abuser!!! Hahaha, jk. Thank goodness for moms!

  2. Thanks for the absolutely delicious lunch. I need more birthdays!


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