New furniture! and cute baby

Today Sadie was Ms. Cranky Pants all morning long! She was up at 5 o’ clock because of numerous long naps yesterday…soo, Mommy was up at 5 as well. Fun times! I watched some TV and we chilled out on the couch til Daddy woke up to go help clean the church. While he was gone we had a bright moment on the changing table when she laughed a little! She only did it once and wouldn’t do it again….but super cute nonetheless.

Then Daddy came home and we got ready for the day and tried to watch Survivor. (Ms. Cranky Pants has a set of lungs!) We went out to lunch with our friends Morgen and Teresa at Black Bear Diner. YUM! Good food, and it was way fun to catch up and talk about pregnancy and babies. Then I set off for Goodwill with my sidekick (aka Janae). They were having a 50% off everything in the store sale and I wanted to check out the furniture, because our front room and entry are pretty bare. I was super lucky and scored some awesome pieces!

This buffet thingy was only $40 on sale! sweet! just needs it’s hardware fixed and some cleaning. It has a ton of storage space inside for…whatever!

This chair is my favorite thing! It was……$20!!! NO JOKE. awesome. Just needs a cute little circle rug and a side table with a plant and that corner is done!

Super Nae Nae! She tried out our baby carrier. Sadie is a little short for it…you can barely see her peeking out! She loves it though, and slobbered all over the inside. We had to put a washcloth to soak it all up…lol.


  1. Love the furniture finds! Finding them at a super deal is so much fun!!!

  2. Wow you should get an award for getting great deals on lack of sleep even!!! How fun are Aunties!!! Not to worry, Sadie will probably be able to see over the top in a few short weeks:)

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