Disneyland: Day three…

Yesterday we headed into the park bright and early to try and make it on the Finding Nemo ride before the lines got too long. Last time we went, last June, it had just opened and at times the lines were 5 hours long! We got spoiled this time, the longest line we waited in was maybe 20 minutes. Gotta love the off season! Anyways, Nemo was pretty … [Read more...]

Disneyland, Day two:

Busy day...we had fun in A Bug's Land park, where we found a fun water area to cool off in. More on that...We also hit up Fantasyland for some kiddie rides and the carousel. I'd never been on it before...it was anti-climatic. haha. Did a little shopping and got lunch/dinner at Rainforest Cafe as the company get together for the weekend. We also … [Read more...]

Disneyland! First day…

So, we made it through our Disneyland trip! Three days of fun! Well, most of the time, but we'll get to that. I thought I'd organize it day by day, cause there are too many pictures! haha. So early Thursday morning Rory and I, Sadie, Joanna, David, Jarom and Stephanie all loaded into my parents suburban and took off down Hwy 5. Sadie was soo good … [Read more...]

Sunset Beach

Last night we took a break from unpacking and cleaning and headed down to Sunset Beach where Rory's sister Mandy and her kids were camping. (they're in town for the week) It was really nice on the beach, a bit windy, but warm! The sand felt good to my little fat toesies. haha. After sitting at the beach for a bit, we headed up to their campsite for … [Read more...]

We heart camping…but not smoke

So, yesterday we went up to have dinner with part of my family up at Mt. Madonna, our local state park. It stayed light for pretty long, and it was really nice...til the sun went down. Everyone was there except Joanna, Janae, and Justin of course. We had Rory's favorite camping meal, pigs-in-a-blanket-cooked-on-a-stick. (Yes that is the proper … [Read more...]

Monterey-this time it was sunny!

We went to Monterey a few months ago and the weather was awful! I posted about it here. Our awesome Lance and Pettit cousins are in town for a little bit, so we headed down again, but the weather was soo much nicer. People actually got sunburned! whoa. I think I can explain it in the pictures, and this is a picture heavy post-so look out! There … [Read more...]

Hawaii Album

So I FINALLY got around to scrapbooking some of the pictures from our trip to Hawaii last December. (that's actually a long time for me not to scrap anything) I've been going through a scrap-drought since I got pregnant (I blame it on the fatigue). Anyways, it was nice to finally get something done, and I am doing it in a mini 8x8 size so that it … [Read more...]

Dennis the Menace Park…and some tidepooling!

Yesterday my family, including my mom, dad, Rory and I, Jarom, Joanna, Jordan, Janae, Julia, Josh, and my two grandparents, got in the RV to drive down to Monterey and enjoy the nice weather. BAH! It was freezing cold and VERY windy, but we still had fun! We went to Dennis the Menace park, which we used to go to all the time when we were kids. It … [Read more...]

Arizona Trip

Happy New Year everyone! I hope it was safe and fun for ya! We had some fondue and game fun with our pals Chris and Cassy Watson, our fourth year in a row doing New Years Eve together. It's a tradition now! (if you guys break from that...there will be pain!) haha. I will post some extra pics of that later. Also, I got back from my trip to Arizona … [Read more...]

My Map

One at a time, one at a time. … [Read more...]