simple & easy pattern weights

I am thrilled to be a part of Simple Simon & Co's prolific series-"What I wish I'd known when I started Sewing". Which is many things, for me. Alas, most of my sewing knowledge was gained due to plentiful mistakes, trial and error, and A LOT of fabulous online tutorials. So...let me share with you my favorite sewing trick/tool. Trool. When … [Read more...]

Bobbin Blooms review and giveaway

**** This giveaway is now closed**** See the winners below!   Hey have you guys heard of Bobbin Blooms?    It's a new (and pretty cool) product! Suzann, their creator, figured out a new way of storing bobbins with thread. These things are nifty.   Let me show ya how they work. Grab your rubber Bobbin Bloom... (then say that five times fast … [Read more...]