YOTB grey and green triangle raglan

 YOTB grey and green triangle raglan

Another week, another shirt! This time it was a Recess Raglan for little Jack Jack.

I adore raglan tees-they are SO easy to sew up and also to customize with different fabrics!

YOTB grey and green triangle raglan

This one I sewed up in a 12-18 month size and it fits well, although the sleeves are too long. I think my kids have short arms!

Or this specific kid at least. hehe

YOTB grey and green triangle raglan

I sewed it up in some more spoonflower fabric-Rory said he approves of this fabric because the triangles look like something from the game Zelda? The triforce thingy?

I wouldn’t know, but sure, yeah….totally on purpose hun!

I used Jack’s signature green color for the sleeves-not sure where this fabric is from but it’s got a lovely color and hand!

Then some plain white knit ribbing for the neckline.

YOTB grey and green triangle raglan

Guys I am LOVING this boy sewing so far. It’s nice that he’s big enough now that it’s worth sewing for him-you know, he won’t grow out of something in a week now….also he can stand up in his clothes which always look cuter in pics. lol!

YOTB grey and green triangle raglan

our sweet boy!

YOTB grey and green triangle raglan


  1. Christina Vidlund says

    So very cute! And those shoes are adorable!!!

  2. the first pic made me chuckle, was he channeling his inner Brad Pitt?

  3. That triangle fabric is perfect for boy sewing! This is really cute!

  4. Never commented on here before, but it is great to see you back and blogging! Love your stuff!

  5. wonderful !!
    I’ve just discovered your blog !
    i’ve got three kids and raglan tees will be on their way 🙂

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