stripes plus coral (plus gender reveal!)

stripes plus coral

Sorry about that radio silence.

I didn’t mean to take an extended break from blogging, but this baby has sucked the energy out of me like no other.

Because it IS like no other I’ve had…it’s a BOY!!!

We are thrilled to say the least! and tired.

but mostly thrilled.

So the sewing has been at a bit of a stand still….but I still have this little Geranium that I sewed up for Ava awhile ago.

it’s been so long since I took these pics that the dress is no longer this long on her. ha ha….ha.

stripes plus coral

Simple. Stripes playing off of each other via bodice and skirt…gold trimmed ivory buttons, and vintage coral trim. What else does one need?

stripes plus coral

Besides a cute little Kraken to wear it!

stripes plus coral


  1. Congrats on the boy!!! We have three girls and were blessed with a boy for our fourth in early October. I will admit that sewing has become very interesting!!! Beautiful dress on a beautiful little girl!!!

  2. Congratulations!!! ๐Ÿ˜€ Oh, and the dress is super cute, too.

  3. Hi Jess, congratulations on your baby boy. I know you are crazy busy with 4 little ones, but I’m trying to make some doll clothes for my granddaughter for Christmas and i linked back to you from The Blueberry Moon from the nakey baby patterns. For some reason the patterns have been cut off, the links dont work. I’m not sure if the blogger has quit or what. If you could find out for me I would appreciate it. I dont know if you could post those patterns or not. The outfits you made are also cute and i plan to use your tutorials. Those patterns are exactly what I need. I have followed you for a long time and love your work as well. If this is an impossible task I understand. Thanks, Beth Austin

  4. Ava is delightful. Congratulations on your little boy. Have a lovely pregnancy and smooth progress birth. That little boy will have three little nanny. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. can’t wait to see those cheeks on a baby boy ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Congratulations! How exciting for you. Love the sweet dress. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  7. Wauw!!! Congrats!!

  8. Congrats! I’m so excited for you to have a little boy. I’m sure you’ll come up with so many wonderful and creative boy projects. And as much as I love your posts, you shouldn’t feel any pressure to post unless you are inspired to do so! Enjoy your girls and little boy. They are lucky to have such a talented mother!

  9. Congrats girl! That is awesome. I love the stripes with coral. So classic.

  10. I’m so excited to see what you make for a boy baby! I don’t have any boys, but I do have some pretty cute nephews. =)
    I like the change of direction with the stripes… and love the buttons and trim! =)

  11. Just like me 3 girls and a boy

  12. Lovely dress and news, Congratulations!

  13. Congrats on the baby. He will be one lucky boy with big sisters doting on him:)

  14. That’s a great little dress, and I agree with Regina. If a little baby boy gets those cheeks then watch out internet!
    Can’t wait to see your boy sewing. I maintain that’s when he real fun and creativity starts! – and so many more Star Wars characters to stencil.

  15. Congrats! on a boy! I was the other way around, 3 boys then finally a girl. I discovered your site when I was pregnant with her and you have been an inspiration since. Now I have my own blog too. Thanks! ๐Ÿ˜€

  16. Many years ago… our boy came first! My hubby said, if it’s a girl… we can send it back and change the options! Lol…
    I told him it would not be going back the same way it came. And if that was the case he would carry the next one.
    We then had 3 girls. Our son loves his sisters and is a great protector… or at least was until they all got married to protectors of their own.

  17. Oops! I meant to tell you congratulations on a son… what a welcome addition to your lovely family.


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