unicorn and rainbow birthday party


Charlotte is all about the sparkle right now, so a unicorn & rainbow party was right up her alley!


I always obsess over designing invites, it’s the OCD in me…but I was pretty happy with the way this one turned out from the get-go. ๐Ÿ˜€

Also lots of affiliate links in this post ๐Ÿ™‚

unicorn and rainbow birthday party

I went all out with the rainbow theme and created the backdrop for the table with cheap plastic tablecloths stapled to the fence, and added 5 white tissue poofs along the top for “clouds”.

unicorn and rainbow birthday party

I had found an awesome deal on Zulily for Jones soda and I bought pink, orange, yellow, green, and blue sodas!

I wanted to line them up on a table but couldn’t think of a good way to chill them before the party, so we bought this large tub and filled it with the sodas and ice!

They were delish! the Pineapple cream soda was a hit!

unicorn and rainbow birthday party

unicorn and rainbow birthday party

I raided my straw drawer (no seriously I have a drawer just for my paper straw collection) and grabbed all the brights that were leftover from other parties! Tin from Target.

unicorn and rainbow birthday party

unicorn and rainbow birthday party

I made some white chocolate unicorn lollipops in rainbow colors of course, with this cute mold!

The stand was made with some craft foam taped together and wrapped with this gold polka dot tissue paper! Perfect for swapping out the color/style to fit other party themes!

unicorn and rainbow birthday party

I made some rainbow chip cupcakes in these plain white cups and frosted them to look like clouds, then made some cupcake toppers with toothpicks and this FREE printable!

the cute cake stand is from Pick Your Plum.

unicorn and rainbow birthday party

I layered some jelly belly beans in this glass container-I had to re pour them a few times cause the layers kept being uneven. and I’m insane.

unicorn and rainbow birthday party

I grabbed some adorable mini unicorn balloons to “hold up” the Happy Birthday banner!

unicorn and rainbow birthday party

I made it by glittering the heck out of some letters I printed off and cut into a banner shape. ๐Ÿ™‚

unicorn and rainbow birthday party

This layered rainbow fudge is seriously awesome looking! And besides the chill time between layers (in the freezer, about 10-15 min), it was a cinch to whip up!

It tasted good too, I’m told! I’m just not a huge white chocolate fan.

unicorn and rainbow birthday party

The cake! Didn’t turn out how I wanted to, outside at least…I wanted to ruffle-ize it, but I lost my ruffle tip that morning pretty sure Ava took it ย and thus I went with the simple dot look.

still pretty cute, and Charlotte loved it which is what’s really important, right?

cake topper

unicorn and rainbow birthday party


Also, a few of them were well done on the bottom…I should have cut the bottoms off…and rotated the cake pans while they were baking…but all in all, a win for rainbowtizing the cake!

unicorn and rainbow birthday party

These cookies were SO fun to make and look at and mostly, Look at. I mean, how cute are those unicorns? (that’s gold luster dust painted on the horns, hoofs, manes, and tails!) the girls loved them and enjoyed watching the sprinkle dipping go down. I loved not having to tint and pipe so many colors! I seriously adored doing the rainbows with sprinkles….super easy!

unicorn and rainbow birthday party

I had some rainbowtized fruit….jordan almonds, some turkey provolone spinach swirls…

unicorn and rainbow birthday party

and rainbowtized veggies and dip as well!

unicorn and rainbow birthday party

unicorn and rainbow birthday party

Charlotte had such a great time! She got to have a friend from preschool come and she felt so grown up about that! I can’t believe she’s going to be 5! You can see a sneak peek of her outfit in this pic…more on that later in the week!

unicorn and rainbow birthday party

I made some gold glittered unicorn horns for the kids to wear! Quite a few adults wore them as well, including Rory…lol!

I have a how to and template coming for these bad boys, too!

unicorn and rainbow birthday party

I made some “rainbow” favor boxes with white popcorn boxes and rainbow ribbon. I love how the boxes look like little clouds!

fabric from Spoonflower.

unicorn and rainbow birthday party

I filled them with unicorn horn lollipops, gold wrapped mints, rainbow bracelets, unicorn erasers, and a few rainbow stickers!

I also encouraged people to load their boxes with those jelly beans on their way out!

unicorn and rainbow birthday party

We had a blast celebrating this sweet girl of ours!


  1. Wow!!!
    im officially feeling like the worst mother now!!
    Ha ha jokes…

    Really that is amazing!!!!

  2. Stinking cute!

  3. ack! i love this, would be Em’s ultimate fantasy party. you do good work. i did a rainbow and elephant party for her 7th but i’m no CINO, as you know. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. Sara Speight says

    What a fun party! You always go a great job of parties and provide inspiration for my two girls!

  5. So pretty! Happy birthday Charlotte!

  6. Your birthday parties are always so cute! Love it!!

  7. So cute! I hope you’ll be showing more of her adorable outfit!

  8. Wow. Your parties are always amazing. Just curious how long it takes you to do all the prep for these?

    • months…I start planning months in advance and do all the prep in spurts so it doesn’t get too overwhelming, although the week of is pretty busy and the day of is hectic! I love it though!

  9. You, my dear, are crazy good at this party planning. My girls would die for a fraction of this party!

  10. Wow, this party is amazing! Rainbow perfection! Right on down to the fruits and veggies… love it!

  11. What a magical party! Makes me want to be 5 years old ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. I don’t doubt for a minute that you really do have a straw drawer! I take my hat off to you, once again. You are truly the master of the all out girl’s dream party. And I didn’t even know “rainbowtize” was a verb let alone how to apply it to a cake! 10/10 again!!

  13. I have a straw drawer too! But that, my dear, is where our party planning similarities end ;). We only do “big” parties every other year, and even then I have to keep them small for my sanity’s sake. In truth, I would love nothing more than to go all out and make it a huge event!!! Maybe when my girls are teenagers and they can actually help and also remember it ha ha!

  14. Holy moly. I love this so much. Way to go friend!

  15. i love this! How did you make the rainbow cookies?

  16. Where did the gorgeous invites come from

  17. Love this! My daughter says a unicorn party is next for her so I would love the instructions for making the gold horns please! Beautiful party!!

  18. Kimberly Horner says

    Do you have a template for the invitation that I could edit for my daughter?

  19. Ceola Coles says

    I like the pop corn boxes with the rain bow ribbon handle. What did you use to hold the ribbon in place?

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