Ava’s 5&10 Christmas dress

Ava's 5&10 Designs cherry red Christmas dress

I’ve been working on the girls Christmas dresses and am finally DONE! You may have seen a sneak peek or two over on Instagram, but not Ava’s dress yet!

Sooo here it is!

Ava's 5&10 Designs cherry red Christmas dress

I used our good and trusty pattern from the 5 & 10 Designs Vol. 1-size 2T.

I love it in this fancy fabric!

Does it look familiar? ha ha.

I used the rest of the fabric for the Buttercup dress and after I had fully constructed the bodice, I realized I could have shortened the dress and chopped the sleeves on Buttercup’s dress for Charlotte and saved myself some work! lol. Oh well. Talk about sewing dejavu though!

Anyways, I used our sleeve pattern add on and made them 3/4 length-so demure on my little hellion.

Seriously don’t let her smile fool ya. She’s ca-ra-zay.

Ava's 5&10 Designs cherry red Christmas dress

Now, I know what you’re saying to yourself. “Nice serger thread matching on that skirt…not!”

tried to keep length so I serged…should have just hemmed it normally! Grr.

Ava's 5&10 Designs cherry red Christmas dress

I made her some gold moccs recently using this pattern-the gold faux leather found somewhere on Etsy and it’s not great quality but they are very blingy!

Ava's 5&10 Designs cherry red Christmas dress

I don’t think I got a good shot of her back by herself! There are some cute gold ball buttons up the back-I think I have a picture in the group photos I took of all the girls-so more on that another day!

Ava's 5&10 Designs cherry red Christmas dress

(sorry about the pics, it was super overcast and gloomy so this is the best I got)


  1. Sweet as a red caramel apple! ๐Ÿ™‚ And so X-Mas! Love this dress!

  2. Such a pretty dress, looks great in red. Is it raw silk? Red really suits your daughter, she looks adorable.

  3. Oh she is so cute!!! Beautiful dress! I made Christmas dresses for my three girls and used the 5 and 10 designs vol. one pattern on two of them (one was your adorable look no. 3). For my baby I finally bought the geranium dress pattern and now I see why everyone is so crazy about it. Love it!! ๐Ÿ™‚ Can’t wait to see pics of all three of your adorable girls!!

  4. Overcast or not, these pictures are fantastic! Love the dress and love Ava!

  5. Never apologize for pics of this precious face! This is so cute. Love the shoes.

  6. So sweet!

  7. NICE! way to resurrect the Buttercup fabric! She is so cute, this outfit is so classic, your girlies will be a festive little trio on Christmas!

  8. this is so cute Jess!!! I literally just walked back in the door from the fabric store to make my own girl’s Christmas dresses from the 5&10 book! YEAH!!!!

  9. Christine Danneels says

    So beautiful and what a lovely child !!

  10. I love it! I’ve got to check out the 5&10 book! My children have those deceptively cute smiles too :).

  11. Oh so pretty. I love red dresses!
    Btw, I also made a red holiday dress for my baby daughter. You can see it here: http://www.pinkmagaline.com/2014/12/diy-holiday-baby-dress.html

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