DIY dollhouse: master bedroom, sewing nook, bathroom

DIY dollhouse || master sewing room bathroom by craftiness is not optional

Still with me on this DIY dollhouse tour? (again, some affiliate links in this post!)

Let’s move on to the second floor!

amazing DIY dollhouse by craftiness is not optional


Room 3: the Master bedroom

The walls are simply painted white, except the back wall, obvs. I used a bit ofย  wallpaper from Chasing Paper for the back wall.

amazing DIY dollhouse by craftiness is not optional

The vintage brass bed I found on Ebay, made the bedding with some fabric Kristin sent, and scraps from other projects.

side tables came with the beds in the girls room.

I made the art with some tiny canvases, painting then in half diagonally by taping them off and painting–super easy! (they are crooked..grrr)

amazing DIY dollhouse by craftiness is not optional

lamps from my tutorial, painted with the gilding brass stuff…

amazing DIY dollhouse by craftiness is not optional

The rug I made with some of that journaling pack-I loved this print but it wasn’t a big enough piece of paper for the room.

I scanned it in and uploaded it to Spoonflower, then printed a sample off in twill.

Trimmed it down and hemmed the edges. Perfect!

amazing DIY dollhouse by craftiness is not optional

artwork from the journaling pack, cuckoo clock from Hobby Lobby, furniture from an ebay lot…painted with some gold stripes andย  accents!

the “blanket” is just a scrap of fabric folded up. ๐Ÿ™‚

amazing DIY dollhouse by craftiness is not optional

the dollhouse of course had holes cut out for the staircases, but I nixed those.

I didn’t want to paint all of those steps, plus the placement was awkward and I knew my girls would never use them.

So instead, I painted some thin sheets of balsa wood to look like rugs, then glued them over the holes.ย bam. PROBLEM SOLVED.

the artwork is kinda a mish-mash of stuff that came with the house, paper from the journaling pack, and scrapbook items…plus a calendar cut from a rifle paper co pamphlet.

dresser/vanity from that ebay lot.

amazing DIY dollhouse by craftiness is not optional

Cat from Michaels. MEOW

amazing DIY dollhouse by craftiness is not optional


You know I had to. This one is wedged in front of the bathroom, I think the original plans for the house had this as a separate room with a wall, but that would make it hard to play with the room behind it (our bathroom), so I don’t know what they were thinking. It worked fine as a little sewing nook though!

I used a stencil to “wallpaper” the walls…also, I found out I’m not great at stenciling.

I made some bolts of fabric with cardboard and scraps wrapped around and glued. LURVE.

I made the little SEW sign with some wooden letters and piece of wood.

Covered some chipboard circles with fabric and paper for “embroidery hoop art”..hehe. I crack myself up.

the little sewing form is from Hobby Lobby, as is the scissors, patterns, ironing things, and sewing machine.

amazing DIY dollhouse by craftiness is not optional

Some more paper from the journaling pack for the rug, chair cover…I recovered the ironing board with a joel dewberry scrap.

Made the little gold table from craft wood and painted it gold with some mint on top, inspired by this desk.

amazing DIY dollhouse by craftiness is not optional

That ADORABLE tiny HAND SEWN hexie quilt was made by the lovely Rachel from Family Ever After!

She got into the dollhouse spirit via instagram and offered to make one for me and it is perfection. I utterly adore it!


the little shelf came with the house-I painted it and filled it with some tiny dollhouse bottles filled with tiny beads buttons.

I painted some pieces of glue sticks (lol) to be paint bottles…and made some washi tape..ha!

I love the little ribbon spool on the bottom shelf…used a q-tip and wrapped some small ribbon pieces around it then glued it into the shelf.

printed off some tiny sewing machine art and placed it in a frame (also came with the house) thread case from ebay.

amazing DIY dollhouse by craftiness is not optional

Room 5: the bathroom

Probably my favorite room…I love how it turned out. I wallpapered it with scrapbook paper from the Dear Lizzy line…

amazing DIY dollhouse by craftiness is not optional

amazing DIY dollhouse by craftiness is not optional

and furnished it with this modern bathroom set. (also from my group of girls…you rock!)

the mirror is just a small round one from Michaels or Joann’s.

the amazing hexie flooring is from here.

amazing DIY dollhouse by craftiness is not optional

I made the art from tiny canvases, tape, paint, and again, my silhouette and vinyl. I LOVE these!

the little sailboat came with the house and I love that it matches the theme in here-what a cute little bath toy, right?

amazing DIY dollhouse by craftiness is not optional

Jessica sent me that awesome ornate frame (look for another one in the nursery!), and I framed another piece of journaling paper.

the rug is also from that journaling pack and is backed in felt.

amazing DIY dollhouse by craftiness is not optional

I made some towels by serging some small pieces of an actual towel (from target) and hung it on a towel rack.

the scale came with the house.

amazing DIY dollhouse by craftiness is not optional

here’s where the rest of the towels live…this little hutch (came with the house) got a coat of paint and a cute HI sign on top.

next up: The girls room and nursery!


  1. Awesome!

  2. Yep…nicer than my real house! This is fricken adorable, Jess! I can’t believe the detail and personalization that you put into this. Too stinkin’ cute.

  3. LOVE your doll house! I had a doll house when I was a young teenager that I loved decorating, then I got older and lost interest. I always thought I would have one again. THANK YOU for sharing yours! brings back many memories (although mine was quite as adorable and perfect as yours) and makes me look forward to having another someday.

  4. Julie R. says

    Wow! This doll house is absolutely amazing! You’ve done such an amazing job with it.

  5. Alyssa P says

    Ok, I’m trying to figure the scale out! It’s 1:12, right?

  6. This is the most beautiful, little house and all the details are amazing. I keep scrolling up and down looking at all your pics. You have inspired me. Last night I painted the exterior of my daughter’s twenty-five year old dollhouse. My granddaughters play with this house every chance they get. You have given me a tremendous amount of ideas for the interior of the house. What fun! Thanks for sharing.

  7. so cute! I am working on a really old dollhouse that I pretty much destroyed when I was 8 by trying to do what I am doing now… I have a question, do you take the house apart to paint it? Thanks for sharing, it is very inspirational!

  8. The sewing room is my favorite so far. Love.

  9. This is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen!!

  10. the bathroom flooring!! so good. and omigosh the sewing room is perfect. i love your dollhouse posts!!

  11. Wow. I wish I could move into your dollhouse – way cuter than my house! ๐Ÿ˜‰
    ..but seriously, stop making me want to build a dollhouse. I don’t have time.

  12. Holy stinkin’ cute! Oh my gosh, I want a dollhouse with a sewing room,heck, I want THAT sewing room! Love it!!!!!

  13. This is the most amazing dollhouse I have ever seen. It’s so cute! I love the sewing room.

  14. I’m working on redoing my childhood dollhouse for my daughter. This is so cute!! I love these ideas.

  15. I don’t know that I would be able to let me kids play with it. lol The pictures really are inspiring.

  16. Jess! You are an absolute genius! What an amazing creation and your details are breathtaking. I’m sure this was a total blast to trick out and I’m so thankful that you’re sharing your creativity with all. Keep up the wonderful work!! Best, jen

  17. I want to live in that sewing room ๐Ÿ™‚
    The fabric shelf is so stinking cute!

  18. This is amazing! I want this to be my living space. The details are perfect & I love the mini fabric bolts- too good ๐Ÿ™‚

  19. Wow!!! What an awesome dollhouse! Where did you get the dollhouse itself?? So many neat things that you made for it!!

  20. That sewing room! Gaaah, the cuteness! I need a dollhouse for ME, forget about my children! =)

  21. Jessica T says

    I love this – it’s just beautiful. I wish I could live there!

  22. This is the cutest doll house I have ever seen.

    – Christina

  23. You are soooo creative! Where did you get the toilet paper roll or did you make it? if you made it please tell how.

  24. WOW!! This is amazing. I love it ALL. I want…I NEED to make a dollhouse now ๐Ÿ™‚
    Lively Little Home

  25. This dollhouse is amazing!! We just bought a kit to build one for our daughter and I love all the ideas you posted! Can’t wait to get started after seeing this (I might not feel the same way in a few weeks).

  26. This is adorable!! Great work. I am making one for my daughter’s birthday. The hexie floor link isn’t working – any chance you can post something similar? I realize it was from a few years ago! And maybe also share how you adhered it? I am clueless :). Thank you!

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