modern yardage geranium dress (and giveaway!)

geranium modern yardage dress  craftiness is not optional

Have you heard of Modern Yardage yet? It’s an awesome fabric company that has a unique method for their fabrics-they print on demand! No running out of a favorite print if you need more to finish a project! They have some really fun and fresh designs, and I fell in love with this print because-hello: teal yellow and red. Done deal. I thought it’d be a perfect match for the Geranium pattern and counted it as Miss C’s Christmas dress. Booyah. More about the dress later-there are some cool things about this company I still want to tell you about. (and when you’re done reading, scroll to the very bottom to enter a giveaway for 4 yards of fabric!
modern yardage
Their fabric is a high quality cotton-similar to a poplin feel (I found that it sews and irons up nicely), and it is 58″ wide, but they only print designs on the standard 44″ of fabric. (they print in the US, too) The additional space they print washing directions, designer features, free patterns or projects, applicable ads, or blogger features.
red teal and yellow geranium modern yardage dress  craftiness is not optional
I got another piece of fabric that I haven’t used yet and I thought it was so quirky how they were attached to each other-having been printed at the same time. It threw me off, but in a good way! I am so happy with the colors of this fabric in person. They are fantastic. So rich and vibrant….and Miss C looks so adorable in it, amiright?
Another cool thing they offer is printing in different scales. LOVE this. I got the Blumen in Scarlet in Medium. And the price is not that much higher than regular quilting cottons! that, I was surprised at. It’s quite affordable.

modern yardage geranium  craftiness is not optional

So back to the dress. I think this is my….7th or 8th Geranium dress! I just adore the silhouette and how easy it is to sew up. Iย  don’t even think I read the instructions this time, that’s how much I’ve sewn this pattern. (next time, blindfolded and/or with a hand behind my back) I sewed up a 3T with no changes to the sizing, and it fit Miss C perfectly, with room to grow. I need to make Sadie a new one-her last one was a 3T also, lol.

I adore the pleats. the end.

modern yardage geranium dress details  craftiness is not optional

I lined it in some cream and tan polka dot fabric from Hancocks Fabric, I think. Might have been Joanns.

imodern yardage geranium dress  craftiness is not optional

I sandwiched some flat piping in between the bodice and skirt for some contrast and to break up the pattern-and added some matching fabric covered buttons on the back.

modern yardage geranium dress  craftiness is not optional

C loved loved LOVED the pockets once she discovered them. I swear pockets are the easiest way to get a smile out of her and Sadie.

modern yardage geranium dress  sewn by craftiness is not optional

ย  It kind of matched our playroom decor in this corner. Awww cute.

pleated geranium modern yardage dress  craftiness is not optional

Disclosure: I received fabric for this post, but all thoughts and opinions are my own!

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  1. It is so cute!!! I really love this dress! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I love the dress, it’s so cute!

  3. It looks beautiful!

  4. That is such a wonderful choice of fabric for that dress… LOVE IT!

  5. That girl is freakishly cute! You ought to put her out for modeling gigs… or not… My daughter is also all about the pockets. And hoods, suddenly. Anything with a hood AND pockets is cause for ultra delight.

  6. Awwwwwwww!!! She is adorable!Beautiful dress and perfect fabric!

  7. A quilter friend of mine recommended Modern Yardage a while back. She said the fabric has such a nice hand that it’s hard to use other cottons after! I didn’t realize you could order prints in different scales though! That’s fabulous! I do a lot of girl/ doll matching dresses, and the smaller scale for doll clothes will take my projects to the next level. Thanks for the giveaway!

  8. I entered your great contest. Such nice patterns!

  9. Is the fabric you used for the dress the same as the fabric you show in 3 sizes in your post? On the pics of the fabric swatches, the flowers look magenta. In your photos of Charlotte, the flowers look coral/red. Are the actual colors really that different from their pictures on the Modern Yardage website?

    • Yes they are more coral in real life-but I think computer monitors are all different in how they display color as well. ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. I think pockets are a great way to get any woman or girl to smile. It’s deplorable how few of my clothes have pockets. And combined with the cheery print? Fab.

  11. what a perfect little dress! love your fabric choice as well!

  12. Betsy Sposetta says

    This dress is just beautiful! I bought the pattern a while back but haven’t made it yet – there are no little girls in the family, but I keep hoping! Of course, Miss Charlotte could look adorable wearing a paper bag. Your children are so beautiful!

  13. that is absolutely ADORABLE!! I cant get over how cute that is!! And those pockets!! Its so perfect! You really are such a talented seamstress!
    That website sounds so great! Here in australia where i live there isnt much of a selection, so I generally have to order from the states! That fabric is definitely on my list to buy!! Its absolutely perfect for a little girls dress!

  14. I really wish this dress came in my size, I LOVE it and have found the perfect fabric from Modern Yardage!!

  15. That fabric is amazing! It is absolutely perfect for this pattern too ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m in love.

  16. LOVE this dress! The fabric is so cute and I love that it comes in different print scales. Really loving Thrive in Vanilla from the Verdant Collection. Thanks for the chance to win!

  17. Adorable print; I am finishing my 2nd geranium for my one and only granddaughter who lives very far away. I hope to be able to make her many more. I enjoy your blog and check in often, thanks for great ideas.

  18. Cute! I love that the lining is actually a pattern instead of boring white.

  19. this fabric fits Geranium so well ๐Ÿ™‚ The dress looks fab on your gorgeous little girl ๐Ÿ™‚

  20. I think that is so brilliant that you can order fabric in different scales. I’m a large print kind of kid, but when ever I make something for my mum it has to be small print :/
    Charlotte is possibly the most adorable little girl ever. I don’t know how you can stand it?

  21. My goodness, that child is soooo cute, you almost don’t even see the dress. But once I took a look, I love it.

  22. Where did you get that dress pattern? Did I totally miss it in the post? It’s super cute! I would love to make it for my two girls!

  23. So completely adorable!!!

  24. I love he Blumen large in Scarlet. This dress is just darling. I could see my granddaughter wearing it.. Thanks for he chance!

  25. Elaine Papworth says

    I really love all your fabric, and you have such talented designers. I wish you and your family all the best for 2014, April.

  26. Modern Yardage is a really great concept! I love that they offer the prints in different sizes.
    This dress is adorable! The flat piping and buttons are perfect with the fabric you chose. Charlotte is such a cutie!

  27. Wonderful giveaway. I have wanted this dress pattern since I first saw it. I just adore how cute your little model is. Such a cutie.

  28. Those designers have my dream job! What a bunch of lucky gals!!

  29. If your little Miss likes it…. then it’s a done deal! Lol… that is half the problem solved! I’m with your little miss…
    pockets, pockets, and more pockets. A girl can put her treasures in there. She does look really sweet.
    Tell her Merry Christmas for me. ๐Ÿ™‚ She sure has grown since I started reading your blog.

  30. Hi! I’m making my first geranium dress and desperately want to add a similar detail between the bodice and skirt to break up the pattern in using but I’m a fairly new at sewing and kind of at a loss. Any insight into how you included it/the material you used? Thanks!

    • I think I just used some fabric folded in half, and sewed it in between the bodice and skirt like it was piping. ๐Ÿ™‚

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