Junebug dress sew along part 2-bodice and buttonholes

Let’s work on the bodice and buttonholes today…

Click below for the full tutorial!

Take your two flap pieces and lay them down right sides together, pin, and sew around the sides and top. Clip the corners, turn right side out and press.

Do the same with the bodice sides, but sew them right sides together-and not at the shoulders or arm holes yet. Clip the corners, and turn right side out. Just the inside little “stair step” portion.

Press well.

Then make a bodice sandwich. place the bodice sides in between bodice back pieces and pin together at the neckline and shoulders.

Sew along the neckline and shoulders.

Flip right sides out and press.

This is what you should have now.

Make sure everything fits together alright. good? good.

Now lay out your buttons and mark where to make your button holes.

Make your button holes and rip them open.

Then lay out the bodice with sides matching so it’s placed correctly, and place the bodice flap in the center. Pin and baste to the bottom of the edges of the bodice sides.

Tomorrow: Sleeves and skirt!


  1. What a wonderful dress and sew-along! Thank you.

  2. I haven’t started yet, but I’m planning to make this dress along (or behind, I guess) with you. BUT, I’m petrified of sewing button holes (I just mentioned this fear and your sew-a-long on Every Creative Endeavor, btw). I’ve never done a project with buttonholes before BECAUSE of this fear, but this dress is just so freaking adorable that I have to. Wish me luck!

  3. So scared to sew button holes for the first time today. Fingers crossed!

  4. Love this dress – haven’t started yet but I hope to. To those who are scared of button holes – don’t be!! I was scared as well, but read the manual, practiced on scrap fabric, and it turned out fabulous!! It is so easy too!

  5. This is such a cute dress! Found it on Pinterest and knew I had to sew along. I just had a question on the buttons. Do we need to do the buttonholes on both sides or could we get away with doing them on one side? Thanks again for a cute pattern!

  6. Love this dress! I started it today and can’t wait to see the finished product! I just noticed when I blew up the last pic that I put the basting stitch down the sides of the front instead of along the bottom. I couldn’t see the stitch in the pic and guessed where it should go. Do I need to rip it out and move it, or do you think it’s ok? Not sure what the purpose of that stitch will be…

  7. Just almost caught up with you – my daughter woke up before I could get the button holes down. I am LOVING how it looks so far!! This is my first ever sew-along and I am so excited about it! I can’t wait to see how it all turns out. Thanks for doing this!

  8. Grrr! I can’t print out the pattern 🙁

  9. @ Beth-the basting stitches should be along the bottom of the flap and bodice sides, not where the button holes are. Sorry if that was confusing! 🙂

    @Susan-send me a quick email and I’d be happy to send the pattern over!

  10. When will part 3 be posted?! Eager to get started today since I have a sitter!

  11. Hi Jess!

    I am still working on the dress but I think I will finish next weekend. I am sewing it with knit fabric and ir is not easy.
    I had a problem when sewing making the sandwich and sewing front, back and bodice parts, I realize it is better if you first sew the neckline and then do the sandwich with the bodice pieces and sew the shoulders. It is difficult to explaine you what happened but the results were no nice:
    back and front parts got too sewed and I could flip right sides out.
    So nervous to see the final results.
    Thank you very much for this sew along.

  12. A very nice photos from this. The idea of this blog was very interesting.. I like it..

  13. olá!não falo nada de inglês,mas amei seu blog,tudo que voce faz é lindo muito bom obrigado kiss

  14. Hi! I was just getting ready to cut out the bodice front/sides part, and i was wondering what ‘right sides facing’ means on the pattern. are we supposed to match the patterns up like a plaid? or is it a facing for the bodice front? do we have to cut it a special way?


  15. I am so confused. I’m and to the basting part but can’t figure out how/what to do. Am I basting the entire bottom part of the bodice and flap together? and are then the sides up to the arm holes? Am i basting the front and back together or do I separate it to only bast the front side….

  16. I love your pattern! But I have one question: did you use stabilizer on any of the pieces, because from the pictures I kind of think you did?

  17. Hello, I seem to have done something wrong. In your picture of the fronts lying on the back there is a small space between the two fronts. Mine is larger and when I place the front piece on it does not meet at the corners of the front but has extra space there. This leaves not much room for the buttons. Maybe it has something to do with the seam allowance. I used 1/2 inch as I could not see what seam allowance to make.

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